Being Called "Thick" Vs. Being Called "Fat"

Before I get into the two completely different terms, I want to say that all of you are beautiful the way you are! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, let's get down to business.

Recently I have been called thick and that got me thinking what is the difference of being called "thick" verses "fat." The answer is quiet simple. The term 'thick' means people carry more weight in their lower portion of their body. The person might have a pear shaped body. Being thick means being curvy. For example, Ashley Graham is a plus-size super model. She is thick and curvy. She embraces her curvy and doesn't give a flying fudge what people think of her and/or her body. Another example is Nicki Minaj. She is gorgeous and your body is amazing. She is thick and know how to dress her body accordingly. The term "fat" means people carry their weight up top and it makes people appear like an apple shape.

I personally think I'm more of an apple shape than a pear but people perceive me differently. Which fruit shape do you think you most resemble? Use the picture below to help you visualize the fruit shapes.

Being one of these shapes is completely okay! I want to make it clear to everyone that it doesn't what fruit you might look like. You are you, which is awesome. You are a beautiful pear or apple!

The issue with calling people "thick" or "fat" is the negative connotation that goes along with those terms. The term fat is normally used by someone who feels that someone has too much fat on their bodies. The term thick is normally used by someone who feels that someone who is curvy in certain areas. Being called curvy is normally a positive term according to our society.

Some women love using the term thick but hate the term fat. Other women believe the term is a synonym with fat. In an article called How 21 Women Feel About The Word "Thick" published on Huffington Post, women commented on how they actually feel about the word "thick" during #ThickGirlAppreciationDay.

"When I hear the word thick used to describe a woman's body, I think strong."

"Strong, bitter, and beautiful. Badass."


"Being called "thick" makes me feel awkward sometimes."

People have to be careful when using these two terms. Only tell a person they are thick because they know they like that word instead of fat. I personally wish that the term "thick" was used more often when I was a child. Everyday I would get called fat or chubby. If I had could go back in time I would teach my little self to be more confident and say, "You're just jealous because I'm curvy."

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