Working At Starbucks Is A Lot Harder Than You Think
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6 Reasons You Might Not Make It As A Starbucks Barista, Because It's WAY HARDER Than It Looks

There's more to your morning coffee than you think!

6 Reasons You Might Not Make It As A Starbucks Barista, Because It's WAY HARDER Than It Looks
Ali Stedman

Starbucks has always strived to give the best customer service and customer experience possible, and here are 6 reasons why being a Starbucks barista requires a lot more than simply knowing how to make our killer handcrafted beverages.

1. We hand wash and sanitize all the equipment used to make drinks.

Starbucks Melody

Each steaming pitcher, espresso shot glass, Frappuccino pitcher, cold foam pitcher, pair of tongs, and every other piece of equipment is thoroughly washed and sanitized to ensure food and drink quality and safety. We also conduct clean plays which are after-hours deep cleans of the store once a week. We have a specific, detailed list to follow step-by-step that addresses the dish-washing sink, the backroom, the cold brew tap system, and more.

2. We also serve food. 

Starbucks Melody

Yes, I admit our food is not made in-store. However, we receive shipments every two days or so and store our food in the freezer, and we make sure to dispose of everything in the store past its expiration date. Shift supervisors conduct counts, pulls (thawing out product) and FIFO (First In First Out) to the fridges and freezers to ensure food and drink quality.

3. Being a partner also means being a friend. 

Gabriela Harvey

Randy Newman's right: "You've got a friend in me." It's incredible how much having a shoulder to lean on or someone to vent to helps during a big rush or a holiday drink launch. In my experience, having even the littlest of space in the backroom to breathe and regroup has helped me immensely as a Starbucks barista!

4. Customer connection opportunities are everywhere.

Starbucks baristas are encouraged to learn customer names and orders, but to also connect with them. We'll even serve samples of drinks to help you find the right fit for you. During my shifts, I make sure to look up from the machines, smile, and ask "How's your day?" I remember one day a customer named Jack came in and he ordered something outside of his comfort zone. I decided to surprise him by calling by his name - he was under the impression that I kept forgetting it. The look on his face was more than enough to make this job worth it!

5. Dogs. 

Even on the busiest of days, a smile from a dog in the drive-thru or on the patio makes everything better. I have had days where a few partners and I will be in the groove and the drive-thru barista will scream "OH MY GOD, DOGGO! GUYS COME LOOK!" through the headset. It's like getting a $10 bill in the tip jar, but better.

6. We can let you in on penny-pinching secrets.

Every barista has a trick or two up their sleeve, all you have to do is ask. This is where customer connection reaps one of its biggest benefits because everyone loves saving money! My favorite tips to give out to customers are as follows:

1. In the mood for something sweet? Try a Passion Tango Tea with liquid cane sugar. They usually cost around $3 for a grande (don't forget to ask for light ice!)

2. Want something with chocolate, but don't want to pay for a mocha? Ask for your usual hot or iced coffee with a pump or two of mocha.

3. Keep track of your reward stars, once you have 150 you can order any drink you want (even one with 12 espresso shots if that's your thing).

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