We all have that one friend who talks about coffee and Starbucks constantly. Whether you're going to run errands, going on a road trip, or just on your way to class, this friend is always down to make a pit stop at Starbucks first (actually, it's a mandatory stop for her).

We have also all had the issue of trying to figure out what to get all our closest friends for Christmas. When looking for gifts, most people look for affordable, practical presents that have some sentimental value or appeal to something that your friend really likes. Coming up with gift ideas for the people closest to you can be the ultimate struggle around Christmastime.

Well, for those of you who have a friend who LOVES Starbucks, look no further! Here are 12 gift ideas that are perfect for ANY and EVERY Starbucks-lover out there.

1. Hot Beverage Reusable Starbucks Cup

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This gift is perfect for the Starbucks-obsessed friend who prefers hot drinks. It's convenient, environmentally-friendly, and you get $.10 off your drink every time you order with this reusable cup! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Iced Drinks Reusable Starbucks Cup

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On the other side of the hot-cold spectrum, this is the perfect gift for the friend who refuses to order a hot drink, no matter the temperature outside. Just like with the hot reusable cup, this cup is environmentally-friendly and offers discounts when you order a drink with it. What's not to love!

3. Starbucks "Been There" Series Mug

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These mugs are perfect for the Starbucks lover who also loves to travel! Whether it's a mug from somewhere you and your friend have been together or somewhere you would like to go, these mugs are an amazing and thoughtful gift for any coffee-lover!

4. Mittens


Just because it's cold outside does not mean iced coffee is off the table for true Starbucks fans. Get your friend a cute pair of mittens so they can still enjoy the iced beverage of their choice during the winter season!

5. Coffee Bath Bomb

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This bath bomb is made with organic, fair-trade coffee grounds that exfoliate and rejuvenate skin. It also has the delicious aroma of coffee which is said to increase mental alertness and your sense of well-being. This gift is perfect for the coffee lover who also stans self-care.

6. WACACO Nanopresso Machine

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This gift is perfect for the friend who enjoys the convenience of the drive through or quick in-and-out pick up options Starbucks offers. With this gift, your friend will still be getting their coffee in an easy and convenient way, but it could help them save a few extra bucks throughout the week!

7. Coffee-Scented Candle

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One of the best things about Starbucks is the rich coffee smell inside the store. Candles are always a good gift idea, but an espresso-scented candle will make your Starbucks-loving friend feel like they're in the store when they're in the comfort of their own home (minus all the noisy people).

8. Starbucks Cup Tote Bag

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This bag is made from recycled material and looks exactly like the side of a Starbucks cup. Not only is this an eco-friendly and practical gift, your friend who loves Starbucks will LOVE carrying it around.

9. Metal Straw

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This is the perfect gift for the friend who cares about saving the turtles, but also refuses to mess up her lipstick by drinking coffee without a straw. These portable straws can be conveniently connected to your keys and are super easy to clean, so anyone is sure to love this gift!

10. Starbucks Socks

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I've found that the older you get, the more you appreciate getting socks as a present. These "If you can read this, bring me Starbucks" socks are sure to be a hit with the Starbucks lovers in the friend group.

11. Starbucks Drink Portable Phone Charger

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This adorable little charger comes in pink, yellow and green and is compatible with any USB cord for iPhones and Androids. Another practical and thoughtful gift for the Starbucks lovers out there!

12. Starbucks Giftcards

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This one may seem pretty obvious, but any friend who truly loves Starbucks will appreciate this gift more than you could ever know! And, you can even send e-cards for the friend who always forgets their wallet! Amazing!

While finding holiday gifts for everyone in your life may seem like a daunting task, this list of coffee-related items should make it easy to find gifts for the Starbucks lovers around you. Get them one of these gifts and they just might like you better than they like Starbucks (if you're lucky)!

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