I Miss Being Away From Home

I have been living away from my parents for two years now because of college and I have just recently moved into my first apartment. It was hard for me to do because even though they are only an hour and a half away I miss them so much. My family and I are very close and not only was I scared to move so were they. My parents actually told me before I applied for an apartment that I will miss being home and doing things with them over the summer but I did it anyway. And now that I am here, away from them, I realize that they were right. I miss going out with them and just, in general, hanging out. I should have also stayed home for this summer because this is the last summer that my brother will be home before he goes off to college. I would love to be home with him and going on crazy adventures with him. I also miss my dog. She is getting older and I wish I could spend more time with her. She means the world to me and I never get to see her. At least when it was the school year I would come home at least once every month. Now I feel like I won't see her at all except for random days that I take off. I am not also dating someone who is from my hometown. And we work opposite schedules so it's really hard for us to see each other or even talk to each other.

The thing that was hardest for me, living on my own, was that I had to basically fend for myself. My parents were not there to pay for my food and the gas in my car. I have to do that all on my own. I also have rent and bills to pay for. It is honestly very hard for me. I have only been living in my first apartment for about three weeks now and I can honestly say that I wish I hadn't moved. I wish I would have stayed home this summer but I thought I'd give living on my own a chance. Now that I am officially on my own, I wish I wasn't. I'm not completely upset that I left home because there are some benefits. I don't have my parents breathing down my neck to do chores on their schedule or to be home by a certain time. I don't have to ask them if I can out because I can now make that decision on my own. It is nice to not be home for these reasons but there are so many more reasons why I miss being home. As already mentioned, I miss my family, my friends, and my dog. But I wouldn't want to change my decision. I like where I am at, I'm in a good neighborhood, living with two of my friends. I love my apartment so much and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I just wish I was home more often.

Mom and Dad, you were right. I do miss being home.

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