Being a dog mom is the most amazing and fun experience ever. Walking in and seeing my baby Makki always makes my day. He is my heart, my all and I don't know what I would do without him. With all of that being said being his mama is one of the most challenging things I've ever done.

There are days when no matter how much I play with him, how much love he gets, and knowing he has everything he needs that he just whines and cries for attention. I have to tell him to hush then and doing that and knowing that he just wants my attention hurts my heart.

There are other days when I think we are having the best progress with potty training and he knows to let me know when he wants to go out and I take him out and as soon as we get back in he potties on the floor.

We have days when he acts just like a toddler and doesn't want to listen to a thing I say and we spend more time in time out than having fun.

Makki has his own personality and he can be the sweetest, most loving and playful puppy and then he can be hard headed, rambunctious, and just sassy. Our story has been filled with lots of laughs, kisses, petting, treats, chew toys, and attitude and each day is an adventure.

When I got him I knew it would be hard but not as hard as it has been. I knew I'd give him all of the love he needs but I didn't expect to give him my heart I knew I'd have to buy him thins he'd require but I didn't know I would want to buy him more stuff all the time.

Being a do mom is a big responsibility and it isn't one I would change for the world. I love my sassy little man more than words can describe.