If You Haven't Done These 23 Things, Do You Really Go To Baylor?
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If You Haven't Done These 23 Things At Baylor, Are You Even A Baylor Bear?


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Chantal Canales

Ah, Baylor. My beloved university. Every moment I spend here my Baylor spirit grows stronger and stronger. And as I continue on in my Baylor journey, I have realized there are certain things a person needs to do to be considered a Baylor Bear.

Here are 23 things you need to do on campus to be considered a Baylor Bear.

1. Go fountain hopping


Whether you do it during line camp or during a late night with some friends, you HAVE to check out all the different fountains on campus. From the fountains at the Baylor Sciences Building (or the BSB) to the main fountain at Fountain Mall, take a little dip in the water and hang out with your fellow Baylor Bears!

2. Eat Ms. Mei's cookies


Ms. Mei, literal angel from heaven, bakes the most gloriously warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies in 1845 at Memorial Dining Hall, or Memo for short. Lines will start as soon as lunch starts, as people wait for the treasured gold that is the delectable sweet. Make sure you thank Ms. Mei for the two (or too many) cookies that you eat and be careful, because "they are hot!"

3. Try ALL the Dining Hall Weekday Specials


Chicken Fried Steak on Mondays and Wing Wednesdays at Penland. Waffle Cone Wednesdays and Sushirritos on Fridays at Memorial. Chicken Nugget Thursdays at Brooks. Philly Cheesesteaks on Tuesdays and Smoothies on Thursdays at East Village Dining Hall. The glorious dining hall possibilities are endless.

4. Go to a football game


Saturdays are for the Bears. Enough said.

5. Run That Good Ol' Baylor Line


Wear that Golden jersey with pride as a freshman, wear closed toes shoes, and don't trip (or try not to trip). #SicEmFreshmen

6. Worship the the Livingstones


As Baylor Bears, our parents Dr. Linda Livingstone and Brad Livingstone are our one and only love. President Livingstone is Baylor's first female president in history, and we have loved EVERY second during her time here. Keep a look out for her, her extremely tall husband Brad, and their dog BU (like Baylor University but pronounced "Boo").

7. Struggle to find a parking spot on campus


The greatest struggle on campus is finding a parking spot. Our infamous "Garage Mahal" or Dutton Parking Garage is always full of students trying to find a spot. Every time I pass Speight Garage, I hear car skirt-skirting fast down the ramps as they see cars pulling out of their spots. Parking is horrible on campus, so if you get a good spot, DON'T MOVE.

8. Admire our beautiful campus on a regular basis


I sometimes underestimate how beautiful our campus is. From Pat Neff Hall (our beautiful gold-domed building) to the BSB, Baylor is SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. We are lucky to go here and I thank God that I attend this amazing university.

9. Almost get hit with a bike on the way to class


The fear is real.

10. Had a debate over Common Grounds vs. Starbucks


Which is better? Common Grounds, the homey and cozy coffeehouse off of 8th Street or on campus at the Student Union Building (or the SUB), or Starbucks, ol' reliable located at Moody Library and the BSB. The debate will continue as long as coffee is vital for college students (AKA: forever).

11. Celebrate Baylor Holidays


The Baylor Family has a lot of spirit about our beloved school, so we go BIG when it comes to celebrating our holidays. From Baylor Homecoming and Christmas on 5th in the fall semester to Dia Del Oso in the spring, we love to celebrate as a community.

12. Study at Club Moody


The Garden Level of Moody Memorial Library (or Club Moody) gets LIT at night.

13. Get anxiety every time you pass a cricket


With every season of fall, the dreaded season of crickets comes with the cooler weather. Every time I go through the alley between the tennis courts and Penland, I fear that crickets will jump all over me. Fear is real, y'all.

14. Been asked about Magnolia


DO YOU KNOW CHIP AND JOANNA? I feel like I get asked this every time I tell people that I go to Baylor and live in Waco most of the year. No, I don't know them (I wish TBH) and I have never seen them on campus (but I am waiting for that day).

15. Said "Sic 'Em Bears" in a non-game context


Get an A on a test? Sic 'em. Found a great parking spot? Sic 'em. Survived another day of college? SIC 'EM!!!

16. Criticized/Adored the idea of Ring By Spring


Everyone has STRONG feelings about #RingBySpring, a trend for Baylor girls to get engaged to by the spring of their senior year. I personally don't like the idea of putting such a standard on girls — but do what you want, ladies.

17. Sit on a Baylor Swing


I feel as happy as this doggo when sitting on our famous Green and Gold swings. I love sitting there and admiring our beautiful campus. There's a story that if you sit on a Baylor swing with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are destined to be forever. Might be sitting solo for a bit, but I'm looking for you Mr. Right.

18. Take a nap other than your dorm or apartment on campus.


Sleep. We all need it as college students. I have seen students sleep during class while studying at Club Moody and crashing on a couch at the SUB. Leave us in peace as we sleep. We probably stayed up till 2 or 3 a.m. last night.

19. See someone you know on your way to class every day


That's the beauty about Baylor. It's the perfect size to where you know EVERYONE but you know people and can say hi to your friends on the way to class. Make your friend's day as you walk to your 8 a.m. Biology class.

20. Had a Dr Pepper Float at Dr Pepper Hour


Truly a Baylor classic, our Dr Pepper floats, made from Dr. Pepper (that originated in Waco!!) and our beloved Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell, Dr. Pepper floats are truly amazing.

21. Complained about Chapel


As a university requirement, Chapel is both awesome and horrible. Yes, sometimes we get cool visitors during our 50-minute two times a week class, but most of the time I wanted to fall asleep. But then I would be kicked out immediately.

22. Considered doing SING


SING is an event that Baylor anticipates every year. Sororities and fraternities of Baylor's campus compete and put on seven-minute Broadway-style shows, each with a different theme. The top 10 performances will them get to perform again during Pigskin Revue at Baylor Homecoming. It is a spectacle for the eyes and such an important part of Baylor's history.

23. Thank God that you go to the most amazing campus EVER



Being a Baylor Bear is truly something special. I can't picture my college experience any other way. To my fellow bears, SIC 'EM!!

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