Beginning Of The Semester Reminders From Will Ferrell

Beginning Of The Semester Reminders From Will Ferrell

I can't think of one person more qualified to give that advice.

1. On the first day of class pick a good seat

A good seat for you might be a bad seat for someone else. It depends on where you want to sit for the rest of the semester.

2. Find a buddy in each class

Chances are you'll miss an instruction the teacher gives. Instead of emailing the teacher you can just text your bud.

3. Eat all you can at buffet style dining halls

Pay one price, eat all night.

4. Don't just yell out anything in class

Your reputation will be sealed. Wait until at least week 4 to blurt out guesses.

5. Dress to impress

If you feel like you can dress to impress the whole semester.

6. Or just dress to be moderate

No one will be expecting you to look your best Monday at 8 AM.

7. Have a little bit of school spirit

It's more fun than being too cool to enjoy yourself.

8. Be prepared

Anything can happen in the first week, so plan ahead.

9. Don't panic

Everything is going to work out fine, even if sometimes it doesn't seem like it.

10. Look over the syllabus

Even if you go over it, nothing ruins week 3 more than finding out you have a ten page paper due that you didn't know about.

11. Play some sports

Take time to have some fun at the rec, you probably get in for free anyways.

12. Know what you want

And what you don't want.

13. Have a squad dinner

Because you know you've all missed each other over break.

14. Buckle up

The semester will be taking off a lot quicker than you expect.

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Living In The Moment: A Cure For Post-Holiday Blues

It happens to the best of us

Post Holiday Syndrome: the simultaneous feelings of sadness and dread, yet excitement and renewal when leaving home to go back to school/work after the holiday break. After being home for nearly a month, gearing up to go back to school, and an entirely different reality is a strange feeling to experience for the first time.

Being at home surrounded by my nearest and dearest for an entire month is beyond refreshing for the heart and soul, but as the break draws to a close, I find myself experiencing some conflicting emotions. While I wish I could be home for longer, I am finding myself antsy to get back to the reality that is college in New York City.

The holidays are always a heartwarming time, spent with those you love most in the world, but once they're over there always seems to be a sense of sadness and a little dread to head back into the underwhelming monotony of typical everyday life. It feels almost like the crash of an energy spike. For years, this has always been my least favorite part of the holiday season; the feeling of drab emptiness replacing what was once warmth and cheer.

However, this year I've committed to combating the symptoms of the Post Holiday Blues as much as I can with a new outlook and a new mindset. Maybe this is because I now have the ability to return to the excitement that comes with living in a city with thousands of people yet an insanely refreshing level of anonymity, or maybe it's just because I'm desperate to hang on to the positivity of the holidays. Perhaps both, but regardless, I'm determined to cling to the motivation.

Whenever we leave something behind, we are always heading towards something else, something new and different from where we've been. And while this might not be a particularly astute observation, I feel like it is one that I, at least, tend to overlook. We always have two choices with which to view our present circumstances, whatever they may be. We have the option to view our current situation for the negativity it holds, or to elect to view it for the positive attributes it possesses instead.

Too often is it easier to get bogged down by what isn't going our way rather than focusing on what about the situation is working in our favor. In relation to returning to school after the month away, I can choose to view the situation as me leaving home again, and all of the wonderful people who live here, or I can choose instead to focus on where I'm going rather than what I'm leaving. The reality is, both are true. While I am leaving the comforts of home once more, I am still also going back to a place that is becoming easier and easier to call my home away from my true home.

Going into a new year and all that it will bring, while I find it of the utmost importance to appreciate what is behind us, I think it is equally important to look toward what lies ahead in order to maintain positivity about heading into new territory.

Ultimately, I've found the best cure for the post holiday blues is to just live in the moment, striving to make each one better than the last. This leaves what's behind you as refreshing memories, what's ahead of you unknown waiting to be discovered with excitement and anticipation in due time, and where you currently stand to be brimming with life in the moment.

Here's to the next year full of moments,

May they be filled with nothing but vitality.

Cover Image Credit: Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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Bag Shopping Is Probably Harder Than You Thought

Are you looking to replace your bag? Here are my recommendations.

We have been back at school for nearly a month now. There's a high chance you already have some type of bag/backpack you're using on a daily basis, but what if you don't like it anymore? Even worse, what if your backpack just broke?! Now you definitely need a new one. Look no further because I have a couple options for you.

Do you not like carrying backpacks? Are you more of a purse girl? I have the perfect recommendation for you!

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote

You might be thinking, "Oh this is the most basic bag ever"! Well, yes it is basic but there's a reason why! These bags are amazing! They come in a bunch of colors so you won't have a problem picking a color. When I tell you these bags can fit just about anything, I'm not exaggerating at all! There's only one small compartment in the front of the bag where you can put small things in but besides that there are no other compartments. If you love when bags have a couple compartments in them then this bag may not be you. I was a little unsteady about the whole one compartment thing but I got used it pretty quickly. I realized that without those compartments, you get more space! Longchamp bags last for awhile as long as you take good care of them, as you should. Also, these bags are great for travel. They are foldable! How cool is that?! I feel these bags are timeless. My longchamp bags are definitely purchases that I do not regret. If you don't live near a longchamp store, you can find these at pretty much any high-end department store such as Nordstorm, Bloomingdale's, or Neiman Marcus.

Now here are some recommendations for the backpack lovers.

Any North Face Backpack

I don't know about you guys but when I was in middle school, having a North Face backpack automatically gave you cool points. They got popular out of nowhere. But in all seriousness, these backpacks last forever and the back padding is amazing. It's a very comfortable backpack and there are so many styles and color ways so you'll be able to find one that suits you. The sizing of the backpack depends on which style you get. These are definitely great for those days when you have back to back classes and have to haul your whole life with you around campus. Also, I'm pretty sure that the majority of North Face backpacks come with a laptop sleeve so your computer won't be moving around your bag.

Hershel Backpacks

The backpack pictured above is my current bag but i have it in all black. This backpack has been great to me! It fits so many things but similar to the Longchamp purse, there's only one small compartment and the rest is just open space. It literally fits my whole life. This is another great investment I made. Although I've only had this style of Hershel backpacks, I heard other styles are great as well. This style specifically has a laptop sleeve that's super soft on the inside by the way!

Jansport Backpacks

We all know and love Jansport. These are classic backpacks. Another timeless bag. Similar to the other bags I've recommended, there are many colors and styles so the size varies. Now for my compartment lovers, Jansport bags are probably a much better fit for you! In this bag pictured, there's a laptop sleeve which is always a plus if you always carry your laptop to class.

Now the ball is in your court. Will you purchase one of these bags?!

Cover Image Credit: Logopedia

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