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11 Yoga Poses For Beginners

I have struggled with anxiety for a few years now and being able to take a small chunk out of my day to collect my thoughts and focus on myself has made me feel so much better!


Recently, I have been finding a new growing love for yoga! I have struggled with anxiety for a few years now and being able to take a small chunk out of my day to collect my thoughts and focus on myself has made me feel so much better! Enjoy these while also becoming physically and mentally healthier.

1. Mountain Pose

This pose is super simple, all you have to do is stand up straight with your arms above your head! Focus on your breathing and hold up a good posture so that your spine is relaxed.

2. Child's Pose

Similar to how a child would lay, sit back on your legs while they are bent and lean forward with your arms straight ahead. To get more of a stretch, open your hips up like how this girl is in the picture above!

3. Plank

I am sure most of you are familiar with this, but this focuses on your core! You can go on your hands or elbows, but make sure that your spine is in a straight line no matter what.

4. Cat/Cow Pose

This girl above might be going a little fast, but begin by going on your hands and knees. Then, as you inhale make sure to round your back and then when you exhale arch your back! Take your time during this one and really bring your mind into it.

5. Downward Dog

While using your hands and feet, you are pushing yourself up in a V-like body frame. You can be on your toes or flatten your feet to feel more of a stretch!

6. Warrior 1

Begin this by going into a lunge, find your balance and then slowly bring your hands up above your head. Make sure your torso is facing forward and you are focusing on your breathing. Engage your core!

7. Warrior 2

Similar to Warrior 1 pose, bring yourself to a lunge, turn your body and torso to the side and put your arms in a T-shape like shown above. Focus on your breathing!

8. Corpse Pose

This can be one of the most meditative poses in yoga because it helps you focus mainly on your breathing. You are laying flat on your back while breathing routinely and collecting all of your thoughts while letting your body relax.

9. Lunge

While putting one knee ahead and extending your opposite leg behind you like above, you are stretching your lower body. Make sure to place your palms on either side of your knee that is forward to keep your balance.

10. Tree Pose

While standing on one leg, bring your opposite foot up to your other knee and bring your hands together in front of your chest. BREATHE and focus primarily on your balance!

11. Seated Pose

This one is probably the simplest of them all, you are sitting! You can sit with your feet touching or your legs crossed, but place your hands on your knees gently with your palms facing up towards the sky. Close your eyes, and again....focus on your breathing!

Yoga is super helpful for meditation purposes and becoming mentally healthy! Of course, it is physically beneficial but to have something like this help you focus on your mindfulness and your breathing really makes you a more positive person. Spread the energy you get from yoga and share these poses with your friends!

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