Last Day Before Spring Break Told by Bob's Burgers

Last Day Before Spring Break Told by Bob's Burgers

"If you need me I'll be here on the floor dying."

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The last day before Spring Break is tough. The end is in sight and yet feels so far away. Maybe you still have a midterm to take or maybe it's just one more hour-long class. Either way, you're going to make it through. Keep on trucking. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about trucks)

1. Picture it: you're getting ready and look over at your roommate. They happen to be looking in their mirror crying too. Roomie goals!

2. The professor thinks it's fun to point out how exhausted everyone looks. Yeah, Dr. Janet, didn't you know? This lecture is actually my funeral and you're the one giving the eulogy.

3. You find out the origin of the idiom "grasping at straws" is the idea that a drowning person will hold onto anything to try to save themselves. You look at a camera that isn't there and whisper to no one in particular, "me."

4. You walk to the dining hall, dead inside, when you see a friend who is done for the day.

5. When life gives you lemons, politely return them and use your store credit to buy more coffee.

6. The car ride home isn't as fun as it looked in your head (when you imagined it in every lecture for the past three weeks).

7. Uhhhhhh, I guess this is a satisfactory representation of Spring Break.

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