Hello everyone, I hope you are having a stress free week! Stressing out is not fun and I wanted to give you guys some random ways of making your day better! I started some of these simple tactics and they actually made a big difference. Hopefully you can take some of these tips with you in the future!

1. Give a stranger a compliment!

It always makes me smile when I make others smile. Lately, I haven't been wanting to be as social since I had the flu but now that I am well, I decided to give it a try and compliment a stranger. On my way to the SUB, I told a random person that I liked their shoes. The girl smiled very big and thanked me. Then she told me to have a great day! With one act of kindness came another.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

On the days where I do not have 9 a.m. classes, I try my hardest to eat a healthy meal when I wake up. It gives me energy and a motivation to tackle my day. It does not even have to be something heavy either. Something as simple and light as a banana does the trick.

3. Don't EVER get lonely.

In college, missing your family and feeling like you have no one to talk to is COMPLETELY normal. When you find yourself feeling that way, go outside! Go for a walk, or call a friend to spend some time with. The other day, I was in the basement of my dorm building studying by myself. I did not realize how lonely I was until my friend Maddie walked in.

It was so good to see her after not seeing anyone all day! Always make room in your college career for friends and a good time every once in a while. The last emotion you want to have is depression, therefore keeping other human interaction around is never a bad thing!

4. Your body matters, too.

Speaking of keeping oneself busy, try working out if you find yourself becoming anxious. Before coming to college, I dreaded working out. It was just something I never enjoyed doing. Now that I drown in homework from time to time, I have found a new love. Working out all around makes your body feel better and gives you a break from school. Pushing yourself to get out of your bed is one thing, but the feeling of accomplishment after going to the gym is totally worth it!

5. Ask Questions! Get Involved!

The other day in class, I spoke in front of everyone for the first time. I shared my thoughts about a play we were reading in my Intro to Drama class and my classmates were very responsive to what I had to say.

Everyone, including my professor, agreed with me and made me feel my words mattered. It took a lot of courage to speak, but I am sure glad I did it. It gave me a sense of confidence and it surprisingly turned my day around. Getting your opinion out there does more than you think.

These are just the little things that I discovered this week that made a huge impact. I hope you all find this useful to your college experience and if you're not in college, I hope these tips can help you in your everyday life. Have a great week, friends and WRECK EM TECH!