Because Of You, I Know What Love Is

Because of you, I know what love is
You found the pieces of myself that I didn't know were missing.

You taught me patience. I can't thank you enough for all of the times you've calmed me down and not even known it. You bring a sense of calm and order to the chaos of my mind.

It reminds me of the scene from Sleeping Beauty, where the Prince cuts through the thicket and thorns to get to the Princess. Sometimes the dark and twisty overcomes me and my mind feels like it's shrouded in those same thorns and twisted thicket. But you always find a way to fight through it.

But whether you use your sword of sensibility, love, patience, or kindness, you always find a way to get to the true me... the me that needs you. I'm no princess, but you always find a way to save me, even if it's just from myself.

You taught me that love is compassionate and that it's okay to need someone else. You taught me that it's okay to trust someone. That it's okay to depend on someone. You never let me down.

You are the sunshine of my life that lights up the days when I can no longer find the sun.

Thank you for being my teacher. My friend. My love. My light. My life. My everything.

You showed me that while bad days might come, there is always better waiting around the corner. You taught me how to love myself. Because of you, I can see past the darkness that sometimes consumes me.

I can see just how wonderful life can be and how it's filled with so much happiness... all because I have you by my side. You bring out the best in everyone and everything around you. I am so thankful for the light and joy that you bring to my life.

Because of you, I know what love is.
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