Beauty In the Lens Festival Successfully Held
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Beauty In the Lens Festival Successfully Held

The Opening Ceremony of 2019 Beauty In the Lens Festival Successfully Held in New York

Beauty In the Lens Festival Successfully Held

The opening ceremony of 2019 Beauty In the Lens Festival was successfully held at AMC Lincoln Square 13, New York on Feb 10, 2019. Beauty In the Lens Festival is hosted by Marie Claire China, co-hosted by Eyepetizer App, IMAX Global, Youku (Alibaba Group), and UNIPX MEDIA. The festival was devoted to showcase the best and brightest short films from the globe and to discover sophisticated short film producers internationally wise.

The festival featured guests are comprised of film industry authority, industry influencers, celebrities, artists, and other film-related individuals. The attendees were greeted at red carpet area by Ms. Zhang Xiaodong, the founder of Beauty In the Lens Festival and the VP of Marie Claire China, Mr. Cheng Gong, the Project Director of Marie Claire China, and Mr. Qin Yitong, the CEO of UNIPX MEDIA.

Below is the full list of the festival featured guests:

Li Liyan, Cultural Consul and Director of Chinese Consulate

GuoWenmei, Consul of Chinese Consulate

Zhang Xiaodong, Founder of Beauty In the Lens Festival and the VP of Marie Claire China

Cheng Gong, Project Director of Marie Claire China

Qin Yitong, CEO of UNIPX MEDIA

Abigail Posner, Head of Strategy at Brand Unit at Google, Famous Public Speaker

Kevin Allocca, Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube

Michel Nafziger, Famous Fashion Photographer

Aaron Yan, Famous Actor/Singer

Jing Chao, Famous Actor

Li Dongtian, Founder of Tony Studio

Yuan Ziwen, Weibo Influencer, Author

Yuan Zihao, Weibo Influencer, Author

Zhou Tongtong, Weibo Influencer, Tiktok Influencer, Fashion Icon

Immediately after the red carpet, the festival featured guests and other invited film industry audiences were welcomed to the theater and enjoyed the presentation of selected short videos from all the artworks of early submission. There were a total of 9 significant short films presented to the audience within 5 main categories: Advertising Video, Fashion Documentary, Creative Short Video, Music Video, and Lifestyle.

Following the declaration speech of Ms. Zhang Xiaodong for the opening of the Beauty In the Lens Festival, an very inspiring Q&A session brought guests to share their thoughts of short-films, the vision of the future trend, and in-depth discussion about the meaning of the festival to the public, which is to promote high-quality short videos with active, creative, and positive contents to public and promote talented short-film producers around the world.

Below are some highlighted speeches from the opening ceremony:

Cultural Consul and Director of Chinese Consulate, Mr. Li Liyan delivered a speech

Li Liyan:

It is my honor to be here today. I would like to share with you that 91% of urban online consumers watch videos on the mobile app while 60% of them spend over 30 mins every day to watch online videos. It is really a great potential media industry that can lead people in a better way. I would like to congratulate this great event, and I wish you all the success.

The Founder of Beauty In the Lens Festival and the VP of Marie Claire China, Ms. Zhang Xiaodong delivered a speech

Zhang Xiaodong:

Young teenagers spend too much time on videos online. They are addicted to it. So the main purpose to host this festival is to provide more impressive short videos worldwide with valuable contents. We are really focusing on the inside grows of the human and deliver good contents in a positive way. As one of the most luxury media brand worldwide, Marie Claire could set up a bridge for two things. First, an ecosystem to support the development of professional short video production house and short video business; and second, a receptive and engaged audience to sustain them.

Second from left: Mr. Kevin Allocca, Mr. Michel Nafziger, and Ms. Abigail Posner were sharing thoughts about short films in western perspectives during Q&A session

Abigail Posner:

No matter what culture you are from, what language you speak, the films will touch you in the deep human level. All the beautiful films reflect technology shapes, fashion shapes and so on. Also, as a public speaker, I would love to give a speech about short-films in the future to reflect inside of a human.

Kevin Allocca:

YouTube was founded on short videos. It is definitely still the trend on our platform since nowadays users can create short videos with better accessibility. I think what was interesting for me about watching all these videos is to see how these beautiful image shots are created with accessible technologies and high-quality production equipment.

Second from left: Mr. Cheng Gong, Ms. Zhang Xiaodong, and Mr. Qin Yitong were sharing thoughts about short films in eastern perspectives during Q&A session

Cheng Gong:

We got support from many international groups, including IMAX and Alibaba. IMAX provides a platform for experiencing the beauty of film and television, and Alibaba makes the ecology of video appreciation come true.

Second from left: Mr. Aaron Yan, Mr. Jing Chao, and Mr. Li Dongtian were sharing the thoughts about short films in the young generation during Q&A session

Aaron Yan:

I was born in an era that traditional televisions and movies were the main trends of the media industry. But now, things are different. Short films become more and more popular. What do I think of the change? I must say I was worried that art is fading through short films, but I changed my mind after watching all these short films. I realized that so many people here today are trying to promote the quality of short films to make them more valuable and touching. So these films convinced me that short films can deliver great contents as traditional television does.

The opening ceremony of Beauty In the Lens Festival reached its conclusion in a warm atmosphere. Guests expressed appreciation to the team who made this festival realized with passion and creativity. Other attendees had also made highly commend to the festival and the presented short videos. Please see below photos of the memorable moments of the festival.

Looking forward to the grand award ceremony in September!!!

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