It's A Beautiful Day To Love Grey's Anatomy

Have you ever wondered if you are Grey's Anatomy lover? Do you spend hours upon hours just watching Grey's? It's A-OK if you do, because, like so many others, I do too. (WARNING: Be sure you are up to date with Grey's Anatomy before reading this. I would hate to ruin it for you.)

These 20 things may mean that you need to seek help because you are truly addicted to Grey's Anatomy:

1. You feel every emotion within an hour long period.

2. There is a such thing as a Derek and Meredith type of love.

3. Dancing it out really does make it better.

4. It'sOK for your significant other not to be your person.

5. Your people really do have your back.

6. Every 8 episodes Shonda likes to throw a monkey wrench in there and screw up everything.

7. You go through love/hate relationships with the characters.

8. The gunman episode probably gave you a heart attack.

9. You cheered hard for Japril.

10. Lexie and Mark belonged together.

11. Speaking of Mark and Lexie, the plane crash episode made you have an emotional breakdown.

12. Thursday's have become one of the most important days.

13. You feel as if you are a certified surgeon after finishing a season.

14. You become emotionally attached to the characters.

15. When you become this attached to the characters, it makes it hard when they leave or die.

16. You wonder if Shonda Rhimes really has a soul.

17. You miss George and want 007 to be back.

18. You felt like your heart was being ripped out of your chest when Derek died.

19. You want to have Bailey's witt and sass.

20. You know that September 22, 2016 should be considered a holiday.

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