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I recently spent the day at the beach with friends, and we laid out in the sun listening to 'The Beach Boys' all day long! When it came time to post a pic of my day, I had tons of lyrics on the brain, but had trouble picking one. I decided what better way to prepare for my next beach day than with compiling a list of the perfect lyrics to fit my summery theme on Instagram!

1. 'I'm pickin' up good vibrations.' - "Good Vibrations"

2. 'Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand' - "Kokomo"

3. 'Standing by the ocean's roar' - "Surfer Girl"

4. 'Not a care in the world is where I want to be with the surfers, sand, and the sea.' - "Beaches In Mind"

5. 'And baby go catch some rays on the sunny surf.' - "Catch A Wave"

6. 'Under the boardwalk down by the sea' - "Under The Boardwalk"

7. 'Make it real your summer dream' - "Your Summer Dream"

8. 'Where the sea breeze sways the palm trees paradise awaits.' - "Lahaina Aloha"

9. 'The sun in her hair, the warmth of the air' - "Girls On The Beach"

10. 'California callin', I'll be there right away' - "California Calling"

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