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Be The Person Who...

In a fast-paced and sometimes pessimistic society, it's the small things we do to brighten other's days that brightens our own lives.

Be The Person Who...

In my current philosophy course, I have been introduced to a number of different philosophers and their take on how society functions. Regardless of whose words I tend to agree with versus those I tend to disregard, it is generally agreed upon by philosophers that today's modern society is modeled around a Hobbesian point of view.

Thomas Hobbes, philosopher and author of the world-famous Leviathan, claims that we all must obey the social contract that we hold in regard to our superiors and inferiors. Additionally, Hobbes claims that modern society is modeled around chaos and war, as humans are inherently war-inclined.

In a world full of war and disagreement, there's no harm in going out of your way to make your general community a more inclusive and peaceful place to live. In fact, it's doing the little things that allow us to be grateful for our homes and the community that we live in.

So, without further adieu, be the person who...

1. Holds the door for the person walking behind you.

It's funny how much a small act of kindness can do. Not holding the door for someone isn't necessarily rude, but it definitely makes a difference when you go out of your way to make someone else's life easier.

2. Pays it forward.

Whether it's a small act of kindness or literally paying for whoever is behind you in the Starbucks line, it's fun to give a small gift to a stranger.

3. Compliments others' clothing.

No, not like Regina George's feigned excitement over a girl's "vintage" plaid skirt. If you genuinely like something that someone is wearing, tell them. They probably need to hear it.

4. Writes thank you notes.

Although I'm incredibly guilty for forgetting to write thank you notes, it's good for the soul to consciously recognize the kind things that others do for you.

5. Takes care of their mind.

When we talk about health, most of us simply think about physical health. Although staying in shape and taking care of any illness you may have is important, what really counts is if you are okay.

6. Shares their music.

Whether a certain song makes you think of someone, or you simply just think you have a friend who'd like it, share your music with others. Music is the one art that is almost universally shared amongst college students.

7. Gives hugs.

Obviously there's a place and a time for more professional behavior, but hugs are one of the warmest ways to greet old and new friends.

8. Remembers names.

By consciously trying to meet all (or at least most) of the people you meet shows that you care. Not only is this a great social skill, but it also helps in the professional world.

9. Surprises their friends.

There's a difference between being a nice friend and being a doormat. For your true friends, show them how much they mean to you by reaching out to them unexpectedly, or simply picking them up food on your way over to see them.

10. Accepts failure.

Life wouldn't be life without some obstacles and negativity, but it's how we face these challenges that define us. In being a good person, it helps to try and look on the bright side of negative situations. Plus, failure can almost always be turned into a learning opportunity.

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