10 Ways How You Can Get Involved With Politics
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Politics and Activism

10 Ways You — Yes, YOU, Citizen — Can Get Involved In Politics Beyond Just Voting

Voting isn't the only way you can influence society.

10 Ways You — Yes, YOU, Citizen — Can Get Involved In Politics Beyond Just Voting

Even though we are over a year away from the next presidential election, there are still many important races to pay attention to this November. Here are some ways to be an informed citizen and participate in this election season.

Contact your representatives

Is there a new gun control bill on your state senate floor? How do you feel about the South Florida Clean Coastal Water Act of 2019 that is trying to get passed in Congress? Let your representatives know how you feel about key issues. You should especially contact your representative if you feel like they are not representing your beliefs or the general beliefs of your district, as it is their job to represent their constituents.

Attend a protest

While protests can be daunting, it can also be a lot of fun to meet those who share your beliefs! Peaceful demonstrations work because they raise awareness for pressing causes and can reignite the passions of those who are protesting.

Pay attention to your local ballots

Is your school board trying to pass a levy? Is your neighbor running for city council? While the city government can be overlooked, it has the greatest influence on our everyday life, so stay educated on your local politics.

Volunteer to register voters

Get information on your state's voter registration policies and get to work! The more people who vote, the more likely the election results are an accurate representation of the population's beliefs.

Avoid arguments

I know you love your grandmother, but just because her views are "outdated" does not give you the right to raise your voice and call her names. It is important to know when to have an insightful conversation and when to walk away.

Instigate insightful conversations

Political arguments only lead to hurt feelings and rage as opposed to a change of opinion. Instead of yelling, have a polite and well-structured discussion that highlights the logic of both sides, and if you are successful at explaining your belief system, you might even change your opponent's opinion.

Stay informed

Part of having meaningful conversations is knowing what you are talking about. Stay up to date on current affairs by reading the news from a variety of sources, because while there isn't fake news, there is biased news, so make sure to read articles from both sides.

Work a polling location

Come Tuesday, November 3, there will be a need for poll workers. Poll workers are a crucial part of the voting experience; they help issue ballots, register voters, and so much more. Learn about your state's requirements to be an election worker and contact your local election office to sign up!

Work on a campaign 

This does not have to be as complicated as it comes across. You can spend a day passing out flyers for your preferred candidate at a farmers market or by going door to door. You could even spend a day in their local office calling constituents and asking for donations.


This is the most straightforward way you can participate in this election season and your right as a member of our republic.

Go out and do your civic duty!

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