9¸ Reasons Why You Should Vote In The Presidential Election
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9 Really Awesome Reasons To Vote In This Election

Election Day is November 3. If you haven't gotten the chance to fill out a ballot yet, you totally should.

9 Really Awesome Reasons To Vote In This Election
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November 3 will determine the future of this country and the president for the next four years. If you're in college, these next few years are vital to your success. This may be when you graduate, enter the workforce, and have to start figuring out living on your own (whether you are starting or ending college). You should exercise your say in who runs our country for the next four years.

It doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, voting makes a difference, and it's important for either side of the aisle to exercise their right to vote. This helps us achieve true representation as citizens and makes sure that your interests are considered in the policies of this country.

1. There is so much more than just the presidential race at stake this year.

Even though every media outlet and social media website is broadcasting Trump vs Biden at all hours of the day, there is more to vote for than just the President. Also on the ballot this year are those running for Senate, Congress, and more state and local offices. These are the people, especially in the more localized sections, that will be making the decisions that affect your day-to-day lives.

2. You get a free sticker!

No matter how old you are, everyone loves getting free stuff. And the stickers are great! You can put them on your computer, water bottle, phone case, etc.

3. If you don't vote, you don't have any right to complain about the results.

There is bound to be some backlash to the election results. There are always those that don't love the outcome. You should always respect the results of the election, but you're automatically discredited from expressing your feelings when you don't vote. You didn't exercise your say when it mattered, so don't start complaining now.

4. Voting makes you feel REALLY productive.

Voting can be such a simple task, yet its effects are immense. Once you vote, you've basically exercised your most essential right as a citizen, and that feels pretty good. So take a load off and relax for the rest of the day after you vote, you've already done enough.

5. To assert your independence.

There are definitely those in your life, be they family or friends, that disagree with your views. And while it's important to be respectable and polite with people who disagree with you, Election Day is the day when YOU get the last word. You get to vote for whoever you want to, and nobody but you has control over who you check off on the ballot.

6. There has got to be at least one issue you care about.

Healthcare, gun control, drug policy, minimum wage, LGBTQ rights, immigration, climate change, COVID-19, domestic terrorism, lowering or raising taxes, legalization of marijuana, gerrymandering, Black Lives Matter, net neutrality, protection of free speech, abortion, homelessness, religious freedom, animal rights, border security, and more. There's got to be at least one issue you have strong feelings about. Even if you don't consider yourself interested in politics, think about the things in life that matter to you. I promise you'll find many of them on the ballot.

7. You already have the day off anyway, so why not?

Election Day is so important that many colleges give their students the day off. You might as well use this extra time to see what the fuss is all about and make your voice heard.

8. Voting lets you have a say in where your money goes.

If you're old enough to vote, that means you are likely out in the world, making and spending money. What happens to your money should be up to you, and a lot of those decisions happen through politics.

9. You really are making a difference by voting, I promise.

Voter suppression has been a real problem here in the United States for a long time. The main reason for that is voting does work. Whichever side of the political spectrum you are on, your vote does make a difference. Why else would countless groups try to stop you from voting?

* * *

Election season is a time of fear and anxiety, but also great hope as citizens all across the United States are making their voices heard by voting. This is your last chance to vote in one of the most historic elections in history.

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