It's frustrating when parents tell their children to grow up and live their life. However, it is only if the parents approve. Parents keep saying they want their child to be a good one but guess what? They can do whatever they want to.

They have their own brain. You have taught them how to act and behave but it is their decisions that will affect their life. They will suffer the consequences, so let them and don't bail them out.

Sure, life can be tough for people who are trying to find a job or come up with their own plans but that's just it, it is their plan and not yours.

You can listen to their plans and if you don't support it but they want to go through with it? You should let them do whatever they think fits their needs and you can just stand beside them waiting for them to succeed. No matter what they do in life, they will do what they can to succeed, with or without you.

If they are wanting to be in a gang or be a criminal then, of course, you should stop them. But, if they decide they want to be in a certain field, date someone they really like or even socialize with whomever they want, you need to stop judging them. As a parent, you say you will love them no matter what so why would you coddle them so much they can't do anything without your permission?

You don't want an independent child then, you want a robot. You want someone you can control, but letting your child think for themselves is better.

Life is a great teacher, let them learn on their own.

They will always need their parents but if you continue to invalidate their feelings and plans, they will no longer love you and will want to abandon you.

As a parent, it can be hard letting your child grow up but it's necessary. Let them live because they only have one life to live. Why would you not want them to live the way they want to? Would you rather let your child to truly be happy when you're dead? Or would you want to celebrate life together and try to support them?