Before I was even born, I was an aunt. My oldest sister had my niece Shakayla and then 8 years later my parents decided to try for me and BAM !!! Then all of my siblings who are way older than me decided to have children. They each have a minimum of 3 children.

I have 17 nieces and nephews who are literally the light of my life. I have so many that I've decided not to be a mother. If you ask an aunt or an uncle "who is your favorite niece or nephew?" And they say no one. They are LYING! We all have our favorites or favorite. Mine is my niece Jia, but I call her by her middle name Zamani or by her nickname "Mama".

She was born on April 9th 2011 and has been lighting my heart ever since. We dance all the time to Cardi B and Taylor Swift. We eat junk food and do each others hair. We laugh and cry about the same things.

It's weird to be a teenager and wanting to hang out with a child than your friends but it's possible. Being an aunt is the best thing that could have happened to me.

You get to take care of these little people, watch them grow, and give them back at the end of the night?! It's fantastic!

My family is HUGE! When we all get together it's a blast. I won't be having kids in the future because I feel like there is more than enough kids to go around.

Everybody says that I'm crazy but I'm not. I've helped raise more than half of my nieces and nephews. I've been thrown up on, peed on, spit on, pooped on and kissed more times than I could count. I wouldn't trade them for the world but I wouldn't add to them either.

Imagine working your behind off all day! You've gone to class and work and you really need a break! Only to come home and take care of little people? Yeah no. I'm gonna have to pass.

I play with my nieces and nephews all the time. We go to the movies, and the mall, and out to eat. We have the best sleepovers, I give them whatever they want and at the end of the day ... I drop them off to Mommy.

It's a wonderful life. You should try it.