Bazzi's Hot New Album: "Cosmic"
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6 Bazzi Songs Making Us Swoon And Stumble

An artist you should be listening to.

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Andrew Bazzi's career took off after his hit single "Mine" appeared on a SnapChat filter in early 2018; however, it only came to my attention recently after discovering his very-recent first album "Cosmic" released in April. Because of my late discovery of the song compared to most others', I happened to listen to the entire album, which for lack of a better definition is just "that vibe".

"That vibe" for Bazzi is a combination of shorter than average tracks with very simple visual lyrics, but that you'll surprisingly find yourself playing on repeat day after day. His first album contains a total of 16 tracks, but that only collectively last 42 minutes. Bazzi's simple lyrics and appealing sound create very basic visual images that fire up old memories and current feelings for many individuals my age experiencing similar passions, mixed somewhere between love and lust that we have yet to fully comprehend but that Bazzi relates to.

I'll be running you through my top 5 Bazzi tracks, mixed with personally relatable lyrics and Bazzi's never-failing allusion to luxury brands.

5. Swoon: "Mine"

Alright, I tried keeping this one off the list and as an honorable mention, but truthfully popularity aside it's a bop. At first, it was hard for me to take seriously that this was nothing else but a hit single; however, after listening further into Bazzi's explanation of the track he's singing about much more that a catchy tune.

"Girl, I lose myself up in those eye-eye-eye-eye-eyes"

Bazzi believes that there's much to be determined and felt just by looking into another's eyes. He stated in his interview with Genius how they're our gateway into everything that we know and that when looking into another's eyes we are perceiving their consciousness and their emotions.

"Hands on your body, I don't wanna waste no time"

Bazzi continues on to how we're often too afraid to be blunt with someone and "love too much", yet that's often what is holding us back from genuinely loving the other fully.

"Feels like forever even if forever's tonight"

Unlike what I originally thought this line meant, it is not about a one-night stand. Bazzi reflected on his past relationship in the interview about how that moment he shared with this girl was so all-compassing that that single moment felt like forever within itself.

4. Stumble: "Why"

Told from Bazzi's point of view, he's confused as to why his emotionally abusive behavior towards this girl doesn't drive her away as she continues to love him. Simultaneously, he also appears to question his own behavior towards her.

"Like you're just

Dying to drive but you can't find the keys

Not looking for God but you're down on your knees,

I'm all that you want but not what you need girl why…"

Often in my past relationship, I would find solace in taking a drive to clear my mind and be by myself with painful thoughts; however, in the worst of times, even that wasn't enough. I was always dying to drive to find answers as to why my relationship was the way it was, but what I was searching for never came.

"Club, so you can Snapchat

Titties out to snap that

I know that you do that shit just hoping for a snapback"

Before you jump to the "nudes" conclusion, Bazzi is more trying to highlight the tactics this girl was using trying to get his attention. Before you try claiming that you have never used an irrelevant conversation in hopes of trying to capture someone's attention once again, I don't even want to hear it. You've all tried it one time or another. Next time, just be upfront or move on.

3. Stumble: "3:15"

I'm going to be bluntly honest that I practically felt attacked by this song for the extremely relatable visuals Bazzi paints of romanticized moments with a girl he loves but whose lives don't fit together.

"Laying next to you, I got a flight in the morning

Got me questioning what I think is important

I can't even lie, think of you when I'm with her

Look me in my eye, tell me that you feel different

Drove two hours just to stay the night with you

Haven't seen you in a year, but I still get you"

Bazzi moved to California with his father to pursue his music career; however, we can infer that he took a flight to see a girl who he wanted to take with him on this journey, but she wanted to continue pursuing her own life. I'm not sure how many other people have experienced the end of a relationship in this way, but it is the hardest to admit that beyond all the love you have for this person that the life you have with them does not align with who you truly are.

"Tito's in your dorm, we're dancing

It's a quarter after three

Sayin' everything we mean"

Coming to college, I never thought I'd have late night experiences like these, but as I'm sure you all can also very well attest to we share out deepest thoughts with ones closest to us often on the latest nights.

2. Swoon: "Cartier"

"Cartier's" meaning is less heard through the lyrics and rather felt through the softness and passion of the music and Bazzi's serenading voice. It makes listeners feel passionate and loved in the arms of another. You'll have to listen to this song to truly feel it.

"Nothing on you when you naked

Except a Cartier bracelet

Silhouette through the shower

F*ck you 24 hours

Sun peeking through the curtains

Know I'm with you when you hurting

Baby girl, the world's ours

F*ck you 24 hours"

The main chorus of the song illustrates a romanticized passion between two people. Not necessarily that the general population can afford a Cartier bracelet or that we ever see the shot in real life of two lovers sitting up in bed embracing one another as the morning sun warms them that we see in moving, but rather that Bazzi singing about it surfaces those feelings we do have for someone in the passion of the song.

1. Swoon: "Beautiful"

This was actually the first song I discovered by Bazzi on my Spotify Discover Weekly. One of his simplest songs, "Beautiful" is less for someone in a relationship but rather for someone needing to feel loved and reassured.

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel

Love your imperfections every angle"

Bazzi takes on a quite literal approach to the song in the music video, where he becomes a fallen angel as the girl he loves remains one; however, Bazzi's simple lyrics here want to remind his listener that they are beautiful in their uniqueness.

"Never ever gon' mislead you

Don't believe the lies they feed you

Stop and stare like a sculpture

Painted in your colors

Beautiful, beautiful life right now

Beautiful, beautiful night right now

Beautiful, beautiful by my side right now"

A common mistake I've seen one too many girls fall into is believing that although they may not feel right with the person they're with that it's the best they can do even if they don't feel loved. Bazzi reminds everyone that the people you surround yourself with should fully appreciate you for all of you and that anything less shouldn't be endured. Although already a very common theme in self-love and acceptance, Bazzi paints it into a piece of music.

Honorable Mention: "Myself"

An anti-companionship song, "Myself" has an independent vibe of rolling solo through maturity because others' immaturity is holding Bazzi back from being as successful as he wants to be.

XoXo Isa

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