It's a known fact that the bread is the best part about going out to eat. You just don't have any control over yourself when the server puts the basket in front of you. There are many chains that serve bread, but there are some that are more superior to others (Red Lobster).

1. Red Lobster

The king of free bread.

2. Jim 'N Nick's

Heaven sent.

3. Logan's Roadhouse

Buttery goodness.

4. Olive Garden

Goes to Olive Garden. Only orders breadsticks.

5. O'Charley's 

Can I get more butter please?

6. Long Horn

Once the entree comes out, you'll already be full.

7. Outback Steakhouse

I sure do miss having an Outback close by.

8. Texas Roadhouse


9. Ruby Tuesday

Red Lobster's little brother.

10. Carrabba's

This is an acquired taste. It's different tho!

11. Cheesecake Factory

Can I get some cheesecake with a side of bread?