Baseball is Back!
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Baseball is Back!

Here are a few great memories I have from baseball season

Baseball is Back!
Maggie Walker

I think I mention sports in almost every article I have written. But that is because of how much of an impact sports have on my life. I have been around basketball since I was born, played softball for about six years (along with a couple of other sports, but those did not impact my life as much). My dad's side of the family is from Cincinnati, Ohio, which means we have gone out to visit plenty of times in my life. One of my favorite things to do is go to the Cincinnati Reds baseball games when in town. It has become something that my family and I go to frequently and have a lot of fun with. Since baseball season finally started back up, I cannot wait to see how the season goes. But since I am not able to go to games this summer, I thought I would share some of my favorite memories from the years of going to games.

Dad's Wedding Ceremony

The memory that will always stay with me was the year that my dad got married to my step-mom. It was a fun time that my entire dad's side (family and close friends) went to a game and we got to sit in a box-area (probably not the right name, but I cannot think of the right one). We had lots of special attention, with food and then put on the big screen. I think the main reason I will always remember is that they were playing the Chicago Cubs and won by a landslide.

Sitting Third-Base Line

Most of the time when my family goes to these games we sit all the way at the top. It is the cheapest seats and the easiest to get our seats altogether. One time, my dad was able to get a deal where my entire family got to sit on the third-base line almost right behind the other team's dugout. It was a lot of fun because we were right in the action. Being able to be so close to the field was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to do it again.

Almost Getting Hit During Batting Practice

This story is a little crazy and also something I like to brag on when talking about going to baseball games. Before the game begins, you can go to the other team's batting practice. This is something my family and I do frequently because you have a chance to catch a baseball that goes into the stands or get autographs. One time, my family and I got right up against the short wall that divides the stands from the field. We were watching the other team practice and do whatever they needed before the game. At some point, someone hit a foul ball that went over our heads, and towards the back of the stands, people started running for it, but I stayed behind. A couple of hits later, my dad and the rest of my family got distracted by something, and then the next thing any of us knew, a ball was coming right towards where we stood. All that was heard was a huge crack from right in front of me and my dad grabbed me freaking out as if I had gotten hit. I was scared, but not hurt seeing as the ball hit the wall right in front of where I was standing, then bounced back into the field. We all felt relief, then looked back to the field seeing one of the opposing coaches walking towards us with a ball. Well, it turns out he saw me almost get hit and felt bad, so he gave me the exact ball that almost hit me as a souvenir. Honestly, I was a lot younger so I did not know how to react. My dad however thought it was the coolest thing ever and even got me a case to hold it in. I still have it somewhere in his house to this day.

Autographs on Autographs

When I was younger, my grandparents signed me and my siblings up for a program called Reds Heads which gets you chances to get discounts on seats, and into different activities. One of the things you can attend is autographings. I went to a few of those and got some different players autographs. I think I have Michael Lorenzen and a couple of other people that I cannot think of on top of my head. But one I do remember was during pregame, one of the guys was walking around signing things for people. So of course, my dad and I ran down to see if we could get the guy's attention and get an autograph. I got down to the bottom of the stands and stuck my hat out hoping for a signature. He had started walking away, but randomly turned around and grabbed my hat, signed it, then went on down the line. I turned to my dad all excited that the player had turned back just for me and signed my hat covered in other signatures. In the spur of the moment, I didn't get a good look at who it was, until I saw his signature, and figured out it was Raisel Iglesias and immediately freaked out more because he is one of my favorite players.

Any Other Games and Closing Thoughts

Those games listed are the ones that have been the most exciting. Other games, not so much, but are still lots of fun to go to. It has become basically a family tradition to go to at least one game every summer. Since I will not be going to a game this summer, I figured why not just write about my favorite times. But count me in to be counting down the days until I can go watch my favorite baseball team in person once again.

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