This haircut is no stranger to those who have had them. Bangs defined my hair growing up and every two years I question if I should cut them again. There is so much history that goes along with this hairstyle and when you decide to cut your hair you are not only joining the club but continuing the bang legacy.

Bangs change your look drastically with such little effort an have been doing so ever since the 8th century. Sadly Cleopatra was not the one to start the bang trend in fact it was Zuriab an Iraqi Renaissance man who had a painting done of him and supported the hairstyle in which his women followers also supported. Leading into the later years of the roaring twenties where Louise Brooks made the hairstyle iconic as well as Josephine Baker's curled slicked down fringe which was ahead of her time. Betty Page also styled her hair in this fashion of the pin up girl era further supporting the trend. In the 40's hair was mainly kept out of the face but bangs were still worn but more so as "bumper bangs" which was the front hair lifted witha pin or hat. In the 50's the trend was baby bangs such as Audrey Hepburns style of bang where they are cut closer to the hairline and more forehead is shown. The 60's supported more of a side swept bang that were sprayed and placed beneath a beehive updo. The 70's rocked a voluminous hair style with flowing hair. The most iconic styles of the decade were supported by Jane Berkin's delicate fringe and Farrah Fawcett's feathered volumed hair with bangs parting her face. The 80's were the time of the perm and Sarah Jessica Parker wore this look and the statement bang made it's headline. In the 90's the bang really got it's wings and was worn bluntly by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction or curled-under by Drew Barrymore or put to the side by Rachel in Friends. In the 2000's the side bang continued but with the help of Zooey Deschanel the retro-trend bangs came back and now

Bangs can be worn by anyone, in any style and will be loved or hated. It is all in the eyes of the beholder. Just be warned that before you cut your hair into this forever loved hairstyle that there is upkeep that goes along with them. They tend to get greasier faster and need to be styled daily as they have a mind of their own; they also tend to take a year to fully grow out. IF you are up for the challenge don't let me stop you as bangs are one heck of an experience. So get in your bathroom and watch a couple of youtube videos on how to cut them and in no time you will have a whole different look.