Earlier this week, the Jonas Brothers reactivated their social media accounts, sparking the rumor of a reunion. Fans all around the world are sending out an SOS. We hope the Jonas Brothers can inspire these 5 bands to have a reunion.

1. The Cheetah Girls

It's been 10 years since The Cheetah Girls broke up, but we still love these four amigas. If they didn't make you wish you lived in the heart of Manhattan with your besties, you're lying. Also, they invented cheetah print.

2. Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush was that guilty pleasure show you watched every afternoon in 7th grade. You and your friends would get into heated debates about which boy was the hottest. Their bops were so great that One Direction opened for them on tour back in 2012. Don't you wish you could relive it?

3. One Direction

Now that each member of boyband One Direction has a successful solo music career, it's sadly easy to rule out the possibility of a 6th 1D album. However, we could have said the same about the Jonas Brothers and they might be reuniting. Who doesn't want to see a reunion of these Brits?

4. My Chemical Romance

These punk rockers were playing on the speakers every time you walked into Hot Topic in the late 2000s. If you didn't have a wrist stacked with rubber bracelets with My Chemical Romance lyrics on them, you weren't a true emotional kid. The band sadly broke up in 2013, but lead singer Gerard Way said a reunion isn't impossible...

5. High School Musical Cast

Okay, so maybe they weren't technically a band... but that doesn't mean we aren't dying for a reunion of the most iconic school musical of all time.