ABCs of Baltimore
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I lived in Baltimore City since I was 16. There is no other city I'm in love with more than Baltimore. I have experienced some cultures and traditions of Baltimore, like going to Artscape, the Honfest, and eating crabs.

A is for Artscape

Artscape is an annual art festival that takes place in the Mount Royal neighborhood of Baltimore since 1982. It is also one of America's largest art festivals.

B is for Berger Cookies

This cake bottomed cookie with fudge icing is every Baltimorean's favorite cookie.

C is for Crabs

When you come to Maryland, do not leave the state without trying crabs.

D is for Duck Pin Bowling

This type of bowling originated in Baltimore around the beginning of the 20th century.

E is for Edgar Allan Poe

Although Baltimore was not the birthplace of the poet with a ghastly nature, he died and was buried there. His house is located on N Amity St. Our football team was named after his poem, "The Raven," plus the mascot's name is Poe.

F is for Fort McHenry

This pentagonal fort is located in the Locust Point neighborhood. It is famous for successfully defending the Baltimore Harbor from the British navy.

G is for Graffiti Alley

This is a hidden alley, which serves as a haven for graffiti artists.

H is for Hon

Short for honey and a common nickname from Baltimoreans. This is a picture of the HONfest, which is an annual Baltimorean festival, celebrated in the Hamden neighborhood.

I is for Inner Harbor

The best sightseeing place of Baltimore.

J is for Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University and Hospital are not only both elite establishments but it also America's first research university.

K is for Koopers

Located in Fells Point, Kooper's Tavern is a classic restaurant specialized in an extensive collection of wine and beer along with the freshest seafood and produce.

L is for Lacrosse

Lacrosse is considered to be a ruler sport in Maryland because of Johns Hopkins's lacrosse royalty.

M is for McCormick

Marble steps are iconic and are heavy pieces of history of the early 1900s in Baltimore.

N is for Natty Boh

Originally brewed in Baltimore and short for "National Bohemian," Natty Boh beers are every Baltimorean's favorite beer.

O is for Orioles

The NBL baseball team of Baltimore.

P is for Preakness

Baltimore is the place where the traditions of the Preakness runs deep with racing.

Q is for Quesadilla from Nacho Mamas

If you go to Baltimore, go to Nacho Mama's in Canton Square and try their quesadillas. They are to die for.

R is for Ravens

The NFL football team from Baltimore.

S is for Sound Garden

The Sound Garden sells used and new vinyl, DVDs, and CDs. According to Rolling Stone, this independent record store was rated #2 in their best record stores in the country.

T is for Trash Wheel

Since the Inner Harbor water is polluted with litter and trash, Mr. Trash Wheel is here to clean up the litter.

U is for Under Armour

Yes, you have been to Under Armour, but have you been to the headquarters? Don't leave Baltimore without seeing the headquarters of Under Armour.

V is for Visionary Art Museum

This museum presents some crazy but fascinating pieces of art.

W is for the Wire

Filmed from 2002 to 2008, "The Wire" explored relationships with law enforcement in Baltimore.

X is for X-ray in Johns Hopkins

How can I not add this to the X since it is a room in one of the greatest hospitals in the country?

Y is for Yards in Camden

Camden Yards or Birdland is a baseball park, where the Orioles play.

Z is for Zoo in Maryland

Formally known as the "Baltimore Zoo," the zoo was renamed the "Maryland Zoo" or the "Maryland Zoo in Baltimore."

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