"Bad Things Happen So Worse Things Can't"

I have been recently dealing with some difficult things that most people probably go through at one point in their lives. Not too long ago, one of my good friends said something to me that made a big difference in my mentality--at least I am trying to make it my permanent mentality.

It is similar to saying: "Everything happens for a reason," but honestly it goes beyond that.

She said: "Bad things happen so worse things can't." BOOM! I know...mind blowing.

This might seem like no big deal, but it made a big difference because of how much sense it makes. Maybe you got in a fight with someone who was close to you, or lost your job, or any other bad situation out there. With this, of course you question why bad things have to happen at all...and unfortunately that is just life. It just happens. So, to move forward from this, I think it is super healthy to keep in mind that things could have been worse. They could have been worse if you found news out too late, got betrayed much later than sooner, or left a situation just in time! The world has a funny way of knowing what you can or cannot handle.

Things happen and it is how we view it that allows us to either rise or fall from it. So next time something happens that is truly not in your favor, think about it. Sure it was bad, but it was most likely preventing something much worse. Maybe it leads you to an opportunity, to new love, to new friendships, and to new anything else that is out there.

This saying is obviously both a positive and a negative in one. It is just about perspective.

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