Often times I find myself stuck in the past. I drown myself in my own pitiful thoughts, and all of that negativity leads to intense visuals when I sleep. It has taken me a while to realize, but today I found that bad dreams lead to good lessons.

I have had numerous dreams in which seemed so incredibly real that upon waking, I became angry with whoever had played the negative role. Sometimes my imagination is my worst enemy, but it is also my best friend. Without it I would have nothing.

You cannot dwell on the past. There are some things that are just out of your control as a person. You cannot let something imaginary interfere with your real life. By allowing this to happen you are only making room for negativity. You are allowing your demons to settle in, and giving them a reason to battle your happiness.

Most things, it seems, are easier said rather than done. That is inevitably true, however, we have the choice in life to give up or to keep going. If we give up, everything fails. If we keep going, things get better.

My point is this: don't let your past define you. Don't let your dreams control your reality. Don't let your fears keep you from being successful and happy. Have this mind set and nothing within your personal control can go wrong in your life.

The moral of this story is to let your dreams be dreams, and let your life be real. Things are going to happen; your head will mess with you a few times. But in the end, you have to stay in the real world. Learn from your experiences and your visuals. They will teach you the best lessons in life.