A lot has been going through my mind these last couple days. Here are just some of those thoughts projected in GIF form.

1. Maybe going back is a good thing... I'm so bored at home

bored the big lebowski GIF

Spoiler alert: it's not that great

2. I just want to see my friends nothing else

Scared See You In Hell GIF by Cartoon Hangover

The best part of going to school

3. I just hope I have good teachers

high school no GIF

Please god please.

4. But like this means I have to get up at 6:30 doesn't it

jim carrey monday GIF

So you're telling me I don't get to sleep in till 2 PM anymore?!

5. *goes first day* *comes back with 28 things to sign*

signed season 11 GIF

One of the "wonderful" joys in the first day

6. I feel like it actually might be a good year

happy feeling good GIF

I always think wrong

7. LOL JK who am I kidding I'm the same mess from last year

Chris Harrison Nothing To See Here GIF

new year.same me.