Back-to-School shopping has always been a favorite activity for me growing up. Being that this is my 17th year of going back to school, I have a precise list of items. As I have evolved as a student, my list has also evolved. I went from spending hours picking out the perfect matching lunch box and backpack to ramming people with my cart at Target trying to get the last of the $8 mechanical pencils. Here is a list of 12 items every college student will be purchasing during their Back-to-School shopping:

1. Mechanical pencils

Paying $8 for three of these mechanical pencils may seem a bit absurd, but they are worth every penny. Coming from a person who literally misplaces everything, these 3 pencils will last you an entire semester.

2. Notebooks

It only took me 3 years to start buying the multi subject notebooks. It is so much easier keeping track of 2 larger notebooks versus 6 smaller notebooks.

3. Vodka

Since it is the end of summer, and you probably have worked all summer long, I suggest balling out during your back to school shopping and purchase a bottle of Grey Goose. The vodka will get you through those first couple of nights after classes.

4. Pens

Finding a good pen is damn near impossible. Personally, I enjoy a marker-like pen that allows me to write as quickly as possible. I am the student who frequently spaces out and is frantically jotting down the notes I missed during a day dream. I highly recommend the Sharpie pen!

5. Kleenex

If you tend to think ahead in the semester, I would suggest purchasing your boxes of Kleenex now. We all know come midterm and finals week, many tears will be shed.

6. Planner

The key to keeping your life somewhat together. At the beginning of the semester, you will write in all of the major tests and papers due. Each night you will jot down your reading assignment, but as the semester progresses your planner starts to become less used.

7. Post-It Notes

These will begin to take the place of your planner. These little devils will end up plastered in your with all of your life's important reminders.

8. Folder

Notice how there is no s on the end of folder. You are wasting your money if you even think of buying more than one folder. We all know you are going to end up buying a folder for each class, but by the end of the semester you will end up with one folder stuffed with all your "important" papers.

9. Energy drinks/Coffee

These will give you that extra kick you need at 3:12 am when you still have 4 more pages to write of that essay.

10. Tabs/Page Markers

I would suggest placing one of these in each of the books you are supposed to be reading. That way it looks like you are actually reading the book and not just the Spark Notes.

11. Mini Stapler

Don't be that person who has to ask to borrow someone's stapler. Be that person with all the power and just buy the damn stapler.

12. White Out

Just to be safe, always keep White Out close by to erase any mistakes.