The Hell Of Going Back To School
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The Hell Of Going Back To School

But I'm trying to laugh my way through it

The Hell Of Going Back To School
Sarah Mason

Days are a little less warm and nights are a little cooler. Girls are raving about pumpkin spice and lattes. But with the chill in the morning air there is also a rise of bustling, stress, and tightness.

We talk about the excitement of fall. The orange, yellow and reds fill the sky and the horizons. But not everything is exciting and happy in this popular season of the year. Fall also brings another part of the year back: school has started back.

While we try to stay positive and be so excited about the pumpkins and holidays of this season all of us college kids are secretly dying inside. Dying I'm telling you.

Summer is supposed to be our relax, our reset for the year. But unlike in high school where all your friends surround together during the warm months, college kids consume themselves with summer jobs, internships, and moving back home to see their parents or families. The summer isn't actually that relaxing at all.

Back to school time use to be fun with all the clothes and supplies shopping.

The reunite at a safe place filled with sports, organizations, and fun times. Now going back to school is filled with bills, loans, exams, and straight-up stress.

College is a rough time where students are expected to be adults that pay their bills. We are expected to study for tests and write papers. All while smiling and having a great time because supposedly this is "the best times of our lives". And we should "enjoy it while we are young".

But how the hell are we supposed to enjoy this time in our lives when everything we do creates a whole film an aura of nervousness and anxiety.

So to all my fellow college students. Enjoy that pumpkin spice or cinnamon latte. Take cute pics in those oversized hoodies with the cute leaves falling on the ground. But make sure to take care of yourself and reach out to your friends, family, and people around you when you're stressed out. Take mental breaks this year. Don't hide behind a smile, but rather strive to cry when you need to and just smile as often as you can. -We are all in this together.-

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