Winter break as a college student has been one of the things I was crazy excited about when I finished High School. In High School winter break always consisted of a week between Christmas and New years, but in college we get a whole month- which to me was completely refreshing. The confusing part about this, especially as a freshman would be coming back because you get so used to the way things at home are that you're filled with mixed emotions- you cant wait to see all your friends but your going to miss how much time you've been able to spend with loved ones at home all at the same time. This is at least how I've been feeling the past few days while thinking about coming back to school.


we all have our mommy attachments don't lie to yourself, you're going to miss her nagging and then complaining how you never spend time together.

2. "I miss my college friends"

I know im not the only one who starts missing the people they see on campus everyday.


Being college kids do we unpack? do we live out of a suitcase?? i dont know about you but it was more like a quarter of it in the laundry, a quarter untouched, and the rest all over my floor. can we say #FailedAdulting. anyways you realize 3 days before you leave you have to pack, and you have more than you came with... oops?


you also realize, along with a new semester means a new set of books that are ridiculously expensive but totally "necessary" right? boo!

5. "Dining hall plan is renewed, so that means more points for food!!!!"

the only thing better than your mom sending you money to go buy chipotle is the points from your dining plan. At my school we call them "boomers bucks" so i can eat at Mac City, dominoes, or even boomers ( another place to eat on campus that has bomb chicken wings)- which can be way better than the dining hall food, especially if you have a night class this semester and you miss dining hall hours.