As someone who has watched countless seasons of "The Bachelor"/"Bachelorette," I can honestly say that Hannah B. is one of the best bachelorettes that I've ever seen on the show. She's entertaining and fun, but she also knows what she wants and doesn't put up with things that she doesn't deserve. That is, until it comes to Luke P.

Luke always seems to get a pass with Hannah, and as the season has progressed, more and more fans have banded together in discontent over him. After every episode, fans are left confused as to why Hannah still chooses to keep him around. And I'll tell you why she does: she's falling for the same type of things that far too many girls fall for in their own relationships.

From the first episode, it was evident just how well Hannah and Luke's physical connection was, and it's clear just how much Hannah enjoys it. In fact, I think she enjoys it so much that she's willing to put up with their lack of emotional connection just to keep it alive. This is exactly how Luke has been deceiving her throughout the whole season.

I'm sure that he's aware of just how much Hannah likes the physicality of their relationship, and he feeds off of it. He gets jealous when the other guys are physical with her because he feels like Hannah should only be doing those things with him. It's clear that their connection doesn't go beyond physical aspects, so he'll say anything just to get her to keep him around. He says exactly what she wants to hear, and although she realizes the disconnect between them, she just can't seem to let go of the one good feature of their relationship.

This seems to happen to most girls at some point or another in their dating life. They get so caught up in one aspect of a relationship that they're willing to make excuses for all the other parts that are lacking. Far too many girls put up with things that they don't deserve, just as Hannah has been doing with Luke.

So, for Hannah's sake and every other girl's watching, I can only hope that Luke P. doesn't stick around much longer. It's time that Hannah B. stands up for herself by not accepting what she doesn't deserve, all the while teaching younger girls to do the same. "The Bachelorette" may be skewed in its reality of relationships, but there are still some things that we can learn from watching it.