Bachelorette of the Week: Mackenzie Boivin
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Bachelorette Of The Week: Mackenzie Boivin

Are you Brady Skjei?

Bachelorette Of The Week: Mackenzie Boivin
Kayla Massman

My name is Mackenzie Boivin and I am a sophomore studying Marketing and Sports Management. I work for Gopher Sports Marketing, mainly with Soccer, and I am also the Bach column writer for the Odyssey! I'm a single Pringle, so here I am writing my own bachelorette story. I manage social media for a Junior Hockey team from my hometown area as well. I love to watch hockey, hang out with my friends, sing too loudly and write poetry.

How would your friends describe you?

"A funny, outgoing, kind, true friend. She's blunt, but in a good way and driven." - My roommate

"Boisterous, sporty and loves yellow--one would call her a yellow aficionado." - Friend

"Big Tinder girl and junior hockey lover." - Friend

How do you feel about your planner?

I am in love with my planner. But, I am a planner. I have to think through the time it will take me for every single step of every single action and, if it doesn't fit perfectly, it is not happening. That's why sometimes working out gets put on the back burner. Some would say I have a mom bod.

Why are you the perfect catch for someone?

I have the biggest heart and am super chill. I know what I want, but really have no clue when it comes to guys. I love to just chill and watch "The Office" or "Friends." I just started both, so you can accompany me on my journey. I am also ALWAYS down to watch sports. I will even watch golf--that's a rare trait.

What do you look for in the ideal partner?

Someone who is funny and down to just be chill. I love me some dark brown hair and brown eyes; however, I am really not that picky. Must be a sports fan! (Vikings fans strongly discouraged, Bears fans just not acceptable.)

What celebrity would play you in a movie and what genre would your life story be?

That's a hard one to answer, probably Aubrey Plaza. Back choice is Tina from "Bob's Burgers," because, with my old pair of glasses, we apparently looked a lot alike. The movie would 100% be a sappy teenage rom-com from the '80s because those are the best, and then I can fulfill my dream of being in one.

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs! My family just adopted two new puppies this August! Their names are Daisy and Dexter, and they are the loves of my life. When my parents told me we were getting them I a) bawled my eyes out, like any almost 20-year-old woman would do and b) asked off of work so I could go home and see them.

So, I heard you own 20 pairs of Crocs?

Yes, yes I do. I won a Crocs at Prom contest my junior year of high school by decorating a pair of brown crocs with glitter gold spray paint and fancy diamond jibbitz. I had them planned long before the contest even became public knowledge. I walked away the first place winner with $1000 and 12 free pairs of crocs. I didn't have a date to junior prom, but I won free shoes and some cash. I don't typically wear them much anymore, but I will never live down my name as "Croc Queen" in my hometown. But, I do rock my sick winter boots, and they are the best free thing I have ever gotten.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Cheese and sausage. Preferably, the more cheese the better. And ranch is much appreciated.

What's your ideal date?

I don't really like dates, as weird as that sounds. But the IDEAL DATE would definitely be you flying me out to New York City so I can be at Madison Square Garden for my first ever Rangers game (front row, of course). After the game, I wait by the locker room and you come out and give me a kiss and thank me for coming to the game. We head to get some pizza afterward. BTW, you happen to be Brady Skjei.

Biggest pet peeve?

PEOPLE WHO ARE LATE. And, also people who don't walk with a purpose. And, people who don't check their emails.

Most attractive quality in a partner?

Being goofy. If you are a goofy, silly little goon, I absolutely love it. People take me seriously often, but I love to be a goofball. I am super quirky and I want someone just as weird as me.

How can those interested reach you?

Venmo: Mackenzie-Boivin

Instagram: @MackenzieBoivin

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