This Season Of 'The Bachelorette' Was A Disappointment

This Season Of 'The Bachelorette' Was A Disappointment

This season was just a mess.


This week is the season finale of "The Bachelorette." The big question, Garrett or Blake? At the beginning of each season the host, Chris Harrison, promised that it would be the most dramatic season yet. However, it has been far from that.

Each season of this show is usually riddled with stupid antics and a lot of tears. The guys or girls are usually caught in some sort of scandal that is then blown out of proportion. There is always a huge fight and then someone tattles to the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's always something interesting each season.

This season had the usual fights, the dramatic two on one date, and a best friend backstabbing plot twist. It just didn't have the same appeals as it usually does. Sure, it was dramatic for TV, but most seasons I'm glued to my TV waiting to see what happens next.

Even with Becca's friend admitting she still had feelings for one of the contenders and the drama that Jordan, the model, caused everything felt more forced than normal. The producers of the show no doubt used every little thing to their advantage, but there was no "oh my god" drama.

In past seasons there has been everything from one of the contestants literally fighting everybody in the house, to a breakup on national TV when the Bachelor decided to choose another girl. This season started off with a fight over a picture frame, and it only went downhill from there.

That is the stuff I live for when watching these shows. I don't get too excited when I see a preview that one of the guys may have hit another guy. Only to later find out he just fell out of his bunk bed.

Even the Men Tell All wasn't as interesting as it once was. Sure, they were throwing insults at each other, but nobody was truly in the hot seat this time. The most interesting part was the bloopers during the last five minutes of the episode.

There wasn't even a true "villain" during this season. It just sort of jumped around each week based on what storyline was being told. I wasn't sitting at home yelling at the TV and hoping that Becca would send a certain guy home.

It also became painfully obvious who Becca would have as her last two men. She clicked naturally with them and has even admitted to being in love with one of them. It takes the fun out of the season when you know how it will all end.

Each summer and winter I get so excited for the new season. It's my guilty pleasure on Monday nights. However, this season was less than expected. It was disappointing, and at some points, I didn't even watch.

Maybe the season finale will hold some sort of drama. Because we all know that it lacked this season.

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'Queer Eye' Is A Tool That Teaches Empathy To Adults

Emotional intelligence and human connectedness is something that can't be taught in a classroom but should be learned no matter at what age.


"The original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight is for acceptance" marks the beginning of the 'Queer Eye' reboot featured on Netflix. A new set of Fab Five take Atlanta and the deep south by storm, polishing straight men in order for them to achieve anything their hearts desire. While the concept of the show was long established from the OG series, this reboot highlights an important underlying agenda: fighting ignorance with empathy. I didn't understand exactly why I loved this series much more than the original until I came to the realization that this Fab Five is vulnerable to the cameras. And that makes them so much more relatable to the audience.

Television nowadays has done a remarkable job of incorporating and embracing the LGBT community through its shows. Cartoons and other shows geared towards children, such as 'Andi Mack' and 'Legend of Korra', have alluded to multiple characters being a part of the LGBT community which instills empathy and acceptance at a young age. Except what about all the adults that live in the United States that are so completely blind to the fact that gay men and lesbian women are people too? What about the adults that grew up in the Catholic Church believes in the notion that homophobia is a sin? Do they not get to learn those same lessons that their five or six-year-old get by exposure to television? I would think that a show about adult straight men accepting gay men into the most intimate parts of their lives kind of drives home that point.

But this reboot teaches empathy in such an artful and intelligent way that even the staunchest homophobe would be forced to look at their views in an objective manner. For instance, Tom, the man who claimed that you could not fix ugly, openly asked Bobby and Jonathan about the gender roles in a gay marriage. Skillfully, Bobby diffused the awkwardness and calmly explained that gender roles are shared between partners and that it is a common misconception that one partner has to take a feminine role. For just a moment, all it was was just two guys having a meaningful conversation and breaking down stereotypes. Even for AJ, who was a gay Atlanta native, did not fit the stereotype of dressing stylishly or having massive organization skills which introduce the idea that stereotypes can have the potential to break down the chains of communication.

The Fab Five also open up and grow alongside their subjects. When Bobby tells Mama Tammie how he misses being part of the church and how he felt when he was shunned for being gay, it broke down this invisible fourth wall that showed the audience that not every queer is loud about their opinions and struggles with similar issues as other Christians. Antoni also was touched by how Mama Tammie apologized to her son for not accepting him as gay initially which opens doors for adults to accept their kids no matter what. This Fab Five hits all the right notes when it comes to pushing the envelope on forcing viewers to understand that even though people can have different sexual orientation, all people have the same heart.

I do not pretend to understand what it is like to be gay because I'm not, but even I can take away from watching this show that any major social issue in the country can start being solved simply by having the courage to ask the right questions. It is difficult for adults to admit that sometimes they are wrong or be open to another person's lifestyle. But if there is anything that is the takeaway point from this it would be that 'Queer Eye' can show any viewer how to be empathetic to another human being.


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