6 Reasons The Bachelor is the Most Cringe-worthy show.
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I Watched 'The Bachelor' For The First Time And It Took All My Self Control Not To Vomit

It has to be the cringe-worthy show on television

I Watched 'The Bachelor' For The First Time And It Took All My Self Control Not To Vomit

I'm a complete fan of reality TV shows. "America's Next Top Model" is my go to especially when I'm sick, and don't get me started on "The Great British Baking Show!" Despite "The Bachelor" being on air for 23 seasons, I never watched it until earlier this month. Frankly, I was appalled. Everything from the women's awkward entrances to the oddly staged kisses made me cringe. I tried, I really did to find something appealing, but I really couldn't. Here are 6 reasons "The Bachelor" is the most cringeworthy show and is time to be canceled.

1. After 23 seasons of The Bachelor, only two of the couples are still together.


Can you genuinely go on a game show to find true love? Since I am a relative novice when it comes to The Bachelor trivia, I decided to look up a bit about how the show works. I learned that Only two couples from the Bachelor are still together, while two of the Bachelors are still together with the runners-up. In cases like season 13 Jason Mesnick, and season 22 Arie Luyendyk Jr, these men proposed to one girl before ultimately deciding the runner up was the "better option." If she was the one you wanted, why didn't she get the final proposal? Why are there so many unhappy endings? For a show that is supposed to be romantic, it sure leaves a lot of girls in tears.

2. Women are essentially competing against each other


What happened to sisterhood? Women have a hard enough time in the dating world as it is. One a show like The Bachelor, you are openly engaging in a competition to earn this beloved rose that will probably die within a week. Not to mention, the goal of the show is to win the heart of one man. This seems like an archaic game to me. It isn't solely the women's job to charm men. Men need to put the effort in and shows like this makes it seem as though the man holds all the power in a relationship.

3. Do the contestants have true motives?


Let's face it, The Bachelor is still a reality show, and that means cameras. Are contestants entering the show to find their "soulmate" or are they entering for their chance of fame? That's not to say some contestants don't have pure intentions, but the show casts a great deal of skepticism. Producers want to showcase girls who are loud and outgoing, so naturally, these girls want to act that way, but is this their personalities? This show makes me question the girls' intentions.

4. All the women look the same


These women are gorgeous, and I am sure all the Bachelors find themselves fawning all over these women. However, this is such little diversity. Watching the show felt like watching a beauty pageant, which frankly isn't far off since this season there are two prior Miss USA contestants. The women are in perfect shape, and their hair is always on point. That is not an accurate depiction of women. We all have our flaws, something The Bachelor doesn't capitalize.

5. The dating isn't realistic


If I was on a date with a guy and he brought another woman, I would get up and leave. Guess what, that happens on The Bachelor. Men go on group dates and two-on-one dates. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. I would feel so incredibly awkward trying to get to know someone with someone else essentially doing the same thing.

6. Is "The Bachelorette" any better?


Frankly, I am not sure if the other show of this franchised is any better. Essentially, it is the same thing but reversed gender roles. I guess I will have to watch a show and make my decision afterward.

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