Bachelor In Paradise Should Be Cancelled
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'Bachelor In Paradise' Is A Terrible Show

The Bachelor franchise needs to end.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Is A Terrible Show

The fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise has just ended, resulting in two engagements, and an endless amount of drama. What else is new when it comes to this show? The drama that is created for this six-week show might be even worse than the actual Bachelor show itself.

Typically I reserve my Monday nights during Bachelor season for the show itself. Even if I'm at work during the summer, I still find time to watch the show. However, this year I couldn't bring myself to watch Bachelor in Paradise.

Maybe, it was the cast that they had on the show this season. I wasn't particularly fond of listening to Krystal's voice for another month and a half. I definitely couldn't watch Jordan and his "professionality" saunter across a Mexican beach "looking for love".

During one of the episodes that I did catch, I watched as Colton, who left The Bachelorette because he was still in love with Tia, play with multiple girls emotions. What's even worse is that Tia was doing the same thing to Colton. In the end, they didn't get together, but Bachelor In Paradise has instead produced the next Bachelor, Colton.

No, it did not matter that Grocery Store Joe was in Mexico looking for love. Or that my absolute favorite, Bibiana, would have to face her ex again. It felt was too dramatized. Maybe because The Bachelorette seriously lacked drama this season.

The amount of produced storylines for this season did not appeal to me at all. It's the fact that the producers set certain people up, break others up, and create drama for the sake of TV. Yes, drama is good every once in a while, but not to the extent that they have used it.

The big headline this week with the season finale just having aired is one of the contestants fake being in love with another. Now, I didn't watch their relationship unfold on national television, but I can only assume these accusations are correct.

Apparently one of the couples that got engaged at the end of the show, the woman was only using the show and the man to promote her self-run business. To me, this is a headline that makes me laugh. Of course, a headline like this would make national news the day after the show aired because the finale itself wasn't drama filled enough.

I really do enjoy The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. It's fun trying to guess which contestant they'll pick at the end. However, Bachelor in Paradise is on a whole other level.

Let me know when The Bachelor returns in January. Until then, I'll be trying to avoid all the news revolving around this terrible idea for a show.

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