5 things to remember when you're Babysitting Younger Kids

5 things to remember when you're Babysitting Younger Kids

Not all kids are well-behaved, every child is different.


Kids can be difficult to understand, but being able to properly care for them is important, even if you don't plan on having children.

1. Be patient

The most obvious and least-possessed trait needed when taking care of children. All kids need a patient caregiver because even the most well-behaved children can act out. Children are not always good at expressing their emotions, so they throw temper tantrums instead. It's best in these situations to avoid feeding their need for attention. They throw these tantrums so you'll dote and give them attention, so deny them that and they'll calm down.

2. Have sympathy

Children have much lower pain tolerances than adults. So they cry if they get a scratch. A lot. You just have to be sympathetic towards them, and they'll reward you for your sympathy by trusting you more. Children dislike when adults are apathetic towards them, it all goes back to that attention thing again.

3. Be playful

Obviously, children will like you better if you can be playful and silly around them. It's much more fun when adults join in on their games, and you may even have fun yourself while you're playing with them. It'll be like resurrecting your inner child.

4. Be understanding

You have to understand that children will not always do what you want them to do. You're not their parents, and they don't want to listen to you. You're a stranger in their home. Just because you want them to calm down and color, they may want to run around the house screaming. It's annoying but normal.

5. You're not the parent

It is not up to you to punish other people's kids. Their parents aren't paying you to teach them to behave, they're paying you to keep them safe. If a child is acting out, you calmly tell them not to do something. Don't yell. Yelling just makes them cry, and then you have a crying, screaming child to deal with.

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Arizona's Public Universities Provide Superior Financial Aid

According to The Arizona Board of Regents, 95 percent of students attending Arizona public universities are receiving financial aid.


The Arizona Board of Regents put out a study concluding that 95 percent of students attending a public university in Arizona pay for their tuition through some sort of financial aid.

Almost half of Arizona college graduates graduate debt free and earn $20,000 more annually than people with only a high school degree.

Tuition at private universities is averaged at $32,405, compared to public schools, which average $9,410 for in-state students and $23,893 for out-of-state students.

On the list of states with the most student debt to the least student debt, Arizona ranks the sixth lowest. Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming, California, and Washington are the five states before Arizona.

Arizona has three four-year public universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona.


Dominic Davis, an ASU student, said his university does one of the best jobs of any school when it comes to financial aid.

"I think ASU does a better job making college more affordable than most colleges because there are plenty of opportunities to cut costs. I mean, you have scholarships and grants and all that, but you can also take on a position like a REL or a CA. The university gives these positions free housing and board, which I haven't heard of any other school doing," Davis said.

According to students, ASU does a phenomenal job when it comes to offering students positions on campus, where they are able to earn money or even free housing.

Flickr Creative Commons

NAU is the second public university in Arizona that does whatever they can to accommodate their student's financial needs.

Jack Murphy, a sophomore at NAU is very impressed with the school he is at and how they accommodate to his out-of-state tuition.

"NAU does a really good job of helping out-of-state students with tuition by participating in the WUE program and an even better job of helping in-state students. They offer a scholarship called the Lumberjack and it's awarded to any student who completes high school without a C on their transcript and awards them full academic tuition," Murphy said.

Flickr Creative Commons

U of A is the third public university in Arizona that many students are successfully receiving financial aid from.

Payton Maxwell, an ASU transfer and U of A student is very happy about her transition to U of A and all the school did to help her financially.

"U of A was amazing when I transferred. U of A typically doesn't redeem scholarships that were previously awarded if you transfer from another 4-year university, but the president of U of A specifically granted me the Wildcat Excellence Award. It is the scholarship I got when I applied as a senior that I lost when I chose to go to ASU," Maxwell said.

Maxwell said this redemption helped her complete her schooling at a four-year university closer to home.

"These kinds of exceptions are normally never made, but because of the extenuating health-related circumstances, U of A was incredible, and granted me my scholarship! They were incredibly generous and it was an enormous blessing." Maxwell said.

Wikimedia Commons

Grand Canyon University is a private, non-profit, Christian university in Phoenix.

Annabella McGilvray, a freshman at GCU, said she has had a positive experience with her financial aid.

"My school gives really good scholarships academically and since I attended a Christian high school I got a scholarship for that as well. Christian schools tend to be more expensive than public, but GCU makes sure it's affordable," McGilvray said.

Wikimedia Commons

California is one of the schools that is listed as more affordable in terms of financial aid and student debts compared to Arizona. California ranked number four.

Chapman University is a private university in Orange, California.

Vanessa Gonzalez, a journalism major at Chapman, is ecstatic about her transition from ASU.

"Transferring to a private school has actually helped me, despite contrary belief. As soon as I got accepted, I got a letter that I received a scholarship of $10,000 for good grades. I also received grants from the school to help with almost half of my tuition. Private schools are very expensive but they provide a lot of financial help. This makes the cost close to equivalent to public school tuition," Gonzalez said.

College students and data experts have come to the conclusion that college is expensive no matter where the student chooses to go.

However, it depends on what state and school the student goes to for how much financial aid the school provides and how willing they are to work with students.

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Working In Daycare Is The Best Birth Control Ever

Please consider this line of work if you're considering having kids very young!!


At the age of 19 or 20, many girls from the past are making bold moves for their lives. While scrolling through my Instagram feed I may see dozens of girls my age from high school either getting married or having a child. While most the time I may look at this as "Why so soon?" other times I may feel a case of baby fever coming on...

I absolutely adore children and I really like my part-time seasonal daycare job. It is very entertaining at work, to say the least. When I walk into work I will not be observing the same thing every day.

One child will go from sick to healthy, while another will do the complete opposite. Some will say things they shouldn't and you will be surprised that they even know the word that they just said. They appeal to me every single day, lol!

Some will untie their shoes for fun, multiple times in order to ask a teacher to tie them back. Then you will have parents who act psycho and seem to ignore that a teacher is watching 12, 5 year old's at once.

Contrary to my previous job before my daycare job, I would be so angry just to go into work because I hated it so much. However, with this job, it is a totally different dynamic. I am currently on my winter break for school so I am trying to grab as many hours as possible to replenish my bank account. With this being said, this allows me to revisit these scenarios and suppress my baby fever once again!

Childcare is the best birth control ever because it allows you to realize all that there is behind a cute little face. There is a lot more to keeping a little one than holding it. While children do need to be nurtured they need essentials to be provided for them. I have realized that in the past if I was married and financially stable by 25, I would be ready to have a child.

With this job, I have realized all of the many more factors that parents have to deal with, with a little one.

With all of this being said, I am ready to go into work for today, but I will use this as another lesson that the time is not now, nor is it anytime soon!

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