Why Babymetal Will Rock Your World

Why Babymetal Will Rock Your World

The band you weren't expecting.

I'm very open-minded when it comes to my music tastes. Yet if someone had to ask me my least favorite genres, I would be the first to say it would have to be country and metal. Not that I hate the genres, but they're indeed ones I don't really browse over often. However, there has been one genre that has made its way toward me very unexpectedly; Metal. Not just any metal, but metal that has a very different twist to it. I guess the best way I could explain it is like this. Imagine Korn fusing with Gackt, with a hint of kawaii culture, dubstep, and j-pop. You end up with Babymetal.

Babymetal is an idol band made up of three different girls. Their names are Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal), Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal), and Moa Kikuchi (Moametal). The most surprising thing I find about this group is their ages. They started the group when two of them were only twelve years old, with the other one being fourteen at the time. Their debut song, "Doki Doki Morning", earned a million views on their music video in just a month after it was uploaded.

The majority of idol culture in Japan is depicted as extremely cutesy. However, this one takes a different turn. Instead of upbeat bubbly music with pastel colors and cute girls jumping around, you have three girls who wear darker clothing and are accompanied by a metal band behind them. They still are sure to include a hint of that classic Japanese idol aesthetic, but just barely. Honestly, you can only see it in their dancing and some of their clothing. That's about it. Other than that, you witness a more metal version of your typical idol group. They deliver a lot more than just straight metal music. Some of their songs include dubstep, rap, and pop. They're not afraid to incorporate other types of music genres mixed with metal, which is honestly something I have never seen before. I find it the most intriguing part of their group. They definitely know how to take a different turn with their music, and I think that is what really captured me in all of it.

Even if j-pop and metal isn't your thing, I still recommend giving them a listen. I didn't think it was going to be my cup of tea, either, even though I have always loved j-pop. It's definitely something different I have brought into my music library and I have no regrets. My personal favorite songs are "Gimme Chocolate!!!" and "Uki Uki Midnight" . "Uki Uki Midnight" actually is one of the many songs that smacks you with a different genre in the middle of the song, which in this case, is dubstep. It's pretty sick. Another good mix of genres is the song "line!", which has a pretty sweet rap part.

Babymetal has been so huge that they have been noticed by some of us Western folk, including The Fine Bros and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. There were even some popular YouTubers that have watched their music videos and found themselves to really enjoy it. See their reactions, here!

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7 Reasons Why Literature Is So Important

"Literature Is One Of The Most Interesting And Significant Expressions Of Humanity." -P. T. Barnum

Today, there are too many people who believe that literature is simply not important or underestimate its abilities to stand the test of time and give us great knowledge. There is a stigma in society that implies one who is more inclined toward science and math will somehow be more successful in life, and that one who is more passionate toward literature and other art forms will be destined to a life of low-paying jobs and unsatisfying careers. Somewhere along the line, the world has come to think that literature is insignificant. To me, however, literature serves as a gateway to learning of the past and expanding my knowledge and understanding of the world. Here are just a few reasons why literature is important.

1. Expanding horizons

First and foremost, literature opens our eyes and makes us see more than just what the front door shows. It helps us realize the wide world outside, surrounding us. With this, we begin to learn, ask questions, and build our intuitions and instincts. We expand our minds.

2. Building critical thinking skills

Many of us learn what critical thinking is in our language arts classes. When we read, we learn to look between the lines. We are taught to find symbols, make connections, find themes, learn about characters. Reading expands these skills, and we begin to look at a sentence with a larger sense of detail and depth and realize the importance of hidden meanings so that we may come to a conclusion.

3. A leap into the past

History and literature are entwined with each other. History is not just about power struggles, wars, names, and dates. It is about people who are products of their time, with their own lives. Today the world is nothing like it was in the 15th century; people have changed largely. Without literature, we would not know about our past, our families, the people who came before and walked on the same ground as us.

4. Appreciation for other cultures and beliefs

Reading about history, anthropology, or religious studies provides a method of learning about cultures and beliefs other than our own. It allows you to understand and experience these other systems of living and other worlds. We get a view of the inside looking out, a personal view and insight into the minds and reasoning of someone else. We can learn, understand, and appreciate it.

5. Better writing skills

When you open a book, when your eyes read the words and you take in its contents, do you ask yourself: How did this person imagine and write this? Well, many of those authors, poets, or playwrights used literature to expand their writing.

6. Addressing humanity

All literature, whether it be poems, essays, novels, or short stories, helps us address human nature and conditions which affect all people. These may be the need for growth, doubts and fears of success and failure, the need for friends and family, the goodness of compassion and empathy, trust, or the realization of imperfection. We learn that imperfection is not always bad and that normal can be boring. We learn that life must be lived to the fullest. We need literature in order to connect with our own humanity.

Literature is important and necessary. It provides growth, strengthens our minds and gives us the ability to think outside the box.

Cover Image Credit: google.com/images

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12 Artists To Complete Or Complement Your College Playlist

Most people don't think to add these great artists to their college playlists.


Music is an important part of your college experience. Listening to tunes as you walk to class or campus can get you into the right mood. In this article, I list what I consider the ultimate playlist for college students and the best bands or singers to listen to.

The Lumineers

Being a fan of alternative music, I particularly like the Lumineers. They have a very indie style of music, with lots of drums and acoustic style. Specifically, I recommend their songs "Ophelia," "Angela," or "Ho Hey."

Twenty One Pilots 

Twenty One Pilots came into the mainstream light once they released their song "Stressed Out." They have a unique style that blends rap, heavy metal, and alternative style. I highly recommend their recent song "My Blood" as well as "Goner" and "Lane Boy."

The Killers

The Killers very much embody early 2000s pop music. This British band has both a pop and alternative style. Every college student hasn't lived until they've jammed at a party to "Mr. Brightside." I also highly recommend "Human," and "Somebody Tole Me."

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This popular rock band has been around for quite a while. They have numerous hit songs, most notably "Californication" and "Dani California." They can go from upbeat electric solos to sad and emotional. For a bad day, I recommend "Under the Bridge" and for a jam session I recommend "Dark Necessities."


This 90s rock band gained attention when they did a cover of "Africa" by Toto. Although technically rock, they give off a more indie vibe. I only know "Say It Ain't So" and "Island in the Sun" by them, but I really think they are good songs to rock out to class.

Imagine Dragons

Although technically alternative, Imagine Dragons has made a name for themselves as a pretty mainstream band. They have numerous hits, such as "Believer" and "Radioactive." For a more alternative, indie sound, I recommend "Walking the Wire" and "Next to Me." For an intense workout or if you're feeling particularly angsty, "Natural" and "It's Time" are good choices as well.

Creedence Clearwater Revival 

This rock band from the 60s is probably not something a college student thinks of when they make a playlist. However, they have an impressive list of hit songs that most college students have heard. If one is feeling particularly nostalgic, this is a great band to listen to. I specifically recommend "Fortunate Son," "Up Around the Bend," and "Bad Moon Rising,"

Panic! At the Disco 

This rock band is famous for its pop rock, punk and emo style. The lead singer, Brendan Urie, is particularly attractive with his svelte vocals. Although I don't know extensively about this popular band, I do highly recommend "The Ballad of Mona Lisa," "Death of a Bachelor," and "This Is Gospel" by them.

Ariana Grande

Ariana may be small, but her vocals are not. One of the most successful female artists, she has numerous popular hits. Her newest song "no tears left to cry" is upbeat and energetic. I particularly like "Into You," and "Dangerous Woman" by her.

Lord Huron

Most people probably have not heard of this very indie band, but their single "The Night We Met" featured in season two of the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why." I really love how soulful and heartfelt their sound is. A more upbeat song by them is "Fool For Love," which gives off a Mumford and Sons vibe.


This rapper is particularly popular among college students. While I confess that I don't listen to much rap music, I enjoy a few of his songs. He's had new hits such as "I'm Upset" and "In My Feelings."

Maroon 5 

This band starring Adam Levine has been popular for years, a hallmark to their sound and style. They have a very pop, upbeat style that immediately gets one in a happy mood. Particularly favorites of mine include "She Will Be Loved," a more sad and soulful single, and "Wake Up Call."

While this list of songs and bands may not adhere to everyone's tastes, I hope it has somewhat helped people to discover new bands or music that they might not have previously listened to.

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