MTV's "Awkward." Is A Must Watch

MTV's 'Awkward' Was A Social Revolution That Taught Me A Lot Of What I Know Today

Jenna Hamilton is my heroine.


Back in my old country, when this show was airing, my friends and I would always find time between class to discuss what could possibly happen in the intriguing life of Jenna Hamilton. Would she and Matty finally realize that they are meant to be together -- or will something come their way and take them off the correct path?

Moments like this used to be the highlight of my day. Awkward. is one of my favorite shows, and I was overly excited when I found out it was on Hulu.

The story follows ordinary Jenna Hamilton, who has been crushing on dream-guy Matty McKibben for... like ever. During summer camp, her wish to hook up with him comes true. After that one time, Jenna and Matty's secret relationship began, but the world well off Jenna's hands as she suffered an accident tagged as a suicide attempt. News of her suicide attempt rang through the school like the school bell, and then she had to manage her way through the hardships of high school.

In reality, she hadn't really tried to commit suicide. Perhaps she had written about how she wanted to die, but the accident was just that -- an accident. Too many aspirins fell off the bottle and she slipped on the floor and broker her arm or shoulder.

However, the intriguing life of Jenna Hamilton contained more than her crush for Matty. The show didn't just entirely revolve around them. The show progressed as Jenna did as well; learning lessons about people and life and decisions.

Some decisions can benefit you but hurt others. Bad influences are bad influences; everybody tried warning you, but you never listened. The world around you is always burning with horror and madness and sadness. Everyone is in pain, not just you. Everybody deserves a "happy ending" every now and then.

Jenna Hamilton became my favorite TV character since I first laid eyes on her. She just wanted to fit into the thrilling, yet dangerous, the world that high school is. Everyone hyped it up in middle school. Not everybody gets to sit at the top of the hierarchy from the first day -- only a few lucky ones can. Those who dwell at the bottom need to tread those murky waters.

She aspired to be a writer, just as me -- and like some of you. Her dream was to go to college to study creative writing. A young girl with a heart of gold, and a mind that spoke wonders on her blog. A soul that was easily manipulated by the perilous beauty of the world. A girl that always went back to the top when she found herself at the bottom -- a resilient human being.

I'll admit that I am a sucker for many shows, but Awkward. is definitely at the top. Despite the quirky lines and hidden humor, Awkward. served as a professor for those of us who were growing. It helped to open an eye for the world out there because there is more to life than boys and crushes and popularity. There is a world beyond high school, and that is a lesson I'll always carry with me from that show.

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