Today, April 12, 2018, was day 11 of the 21-day journey that includes 15 minutes of prayer and strategically implementing tasks found in “Awake! Speak Life 21 Day Devotional.” As explained last week, we meet every day at 6:45 a.m. There are two ways to join our group. You can listen to live audio on the Facebook page of Nichole Freeman and conference call number: 712-775-7270 code 989416.

The call opens with a prayer and closes with prayer. A recap of the previous calls is provided as a reminder and to update new callers. All participants are required to complete the assignments in each chapter. Tasks include scripture and affirmation memorization. This process was described in last week’s update. Our goal is to change the words we say to ourselves by developing a habit that is a rebuttal to negative thoughts. We are choosing to use the power of our tongues to speak life.

Chapters one through three are complete. After eleven days of successfully starting my day speaking life, I can honestly say that I feel a peace and calmness that surrounds me. My highlights or takeaways from the Awake lessons are as follows. First, as I focus on God and intentionally seek Him, He embraces me with open arms. Secondly, praying improves my communication with God. Therefore, we should continuously pray. Third, we should pray for one another. There is a great strength in our prays. And finally, when we think of a negative we should deny the negative by countering it with an affirmation. We are implementing steps that are becoming a habit.

I am excited and looking forward to providing next week's update.

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