If you're in college, then you have probably met at least one of these people. You would think that everyone in class would have a basic level of consideration for the other people in the class, but not these 11 people. If you can avoid getting through your college career without meeting any of these people, then you are the lucky one here. For those of you who haven't been able to avoid these people, I'm so sorry. And if you are one of these people, please stay across the room, or better yet, in a different class.

1. The perfume wearer

Do you like being able to breathe? Well, that's not going to happen. This person wears too much perfume, Axe, or both. I'd suggest staying as far away as you can, but the smell travels.

2. The one eating strong smelling food

This goes with #1. Just don't bring anything with a strong smell to class. You're in a small space with a bunch of other people who don't want to smell your food.

3. The loud food eater

Less annoying than the assault on your nose, this one is more an assault on your ears. There are quiet things you can eat, or better yet, wait until before or after class.

4. The phone call taker

Either leave the room or don't answer. No one wants to hear about how your cat jumped onto the sofa. Wait until after class.

5. The sick person

We all know someone who would go to class if they were on the brink of death. They are 90% of the reason why colleges always have a major sickness that passes around. Every year, there's either the flu or a cold that reaches most of the student body. Just stay home.

6. The people who would rather talk

I promise, your conversation is probably not more important than what the teacher wants to say. If it is, at least keep the noise to a minimum.

7. Forgot to shower

Showers suck, I get it, but at least shower twice a week. If it's an off day, please wear deodorant. Just don't overdo it (see #1).

8. The smokers

I'm not saying quit smoking, I'm just saying quit smoking right before class. You shouldn't smell like smoke (cigarette or otherwise) to everyone sitting near you.

9. The students who take up the entire row

I shouldn't even need to tell you why you're a jerk. Stop it.

10. The creep

Continued from #9, stop it. That girl doesn't want to talk to you. That guy probably just wants to get through the class. If they're making it apparent they're not interested, leave them alone. "But I'm being nice," you might say. No, you're not. Being nice means that you don't force people into conversations with you.

11. The drunk

If you're going to show up drunk, at least share. I can assure you no one else wants to be sober in this class. Seriously though, if you have to drink right before class (pregaming, am I right?) don't get so hammered that you get sick.