I'm sure at one point we've all been in an awkward situation here and there. Whether you were trying to avoid an ex in public, dealing with avoiding an ex-friend, or just social awkwardness altogether. Everyone has felt this way one way or another. Part of growing up is facing certain situations in a more mature matter. Let's face it, there comes a certain period where one realizes that certain things are definitely not worth it. I've had my fair share with going back and forth with a friend but not to the point where I would wish bad upon them. I simply let the situation handle itself and just move on.

Being enemies with someone has never been a favorite thing of mine. From middle school to even high school I have never had any intentions to throw shade on someone simply out of entertainment or boredom. With all that was occurring in my life, why would I want to add on more drama on top of that? Makes absolutely no sense how anyone can enjoy having chaos in their life. But something recently came to me. The reason that some people tend to enjoy having drama in their lives is mainly because their entire life has been nothing but a reality television show. Meaning that people that grow up around chaos and drama are bound to create and be around drama simply for entertainment.

This refers to dealing with awkward moments mainly because there are certain things that you have to realize aren't worth it. If there is a moment where you're out in public and you happen to see someone that you haven't talked to in years, instead of making the situation awkward simply go with this mindset: you don't have to approach that person or even look back at them. Just walk right past them cordially and get on with your day. What you're not going to do is make the situation difficult for yourself and others around you. If you don't have anything nice to say to that person, it's best you just keep quiet. They have nothing to say to you so don't say anything back. People who tend to enjoy being around drama the most will look for ways to make a scene. Pointless!

What I mostly think about is the song 'Cool' by Gwen Stefani. Some things just need to be given time to heal. When things happen in the moment, they tend to stick with a person for a certain period. Some people don't realize they say or do hurtful things because they're simply in the moment. Also never allow any anger or hurt build up to the point where you will regret what you said. I've seen way too many friendships get ruined because of the things that people say that they truly don't mean. Also, if someone is going through a rough time, comfort them instead of making it worse. The last thing someone wants to deal with is more unfortunate situations. By adding more stress to that person's life it clearly states that you couldn't care less about that person.

My point is that it's so easy to avoid awkward situations in general. Also allowing time to heal is generally important as well. Make your life the best life possible. Don't let any of that get clouded with all the BS. Positivity is easier than negativity.