Summer is a lot of people's favorite season but to me, it is the time to burn alive any time you step outside. Beaches and pools are overcrowded, theme parks are jam-packed with people, and I start to burn the minute I go outside. Every summer, I look forward to autumn once again and here's why.

1. ​I can go outside in the middle of the day

During the summer, I always feel dread whenever I know I have to go outside during the afternoon because I know it's going to be ridiculously hot and no matter how little I wear, I will start to sweat immediately. Getting into cars is even worse. Autumn afternoons are warm enough to be comfortable but not hot enough to feel like you're melting. You can wear normal clothes and, late enough in the year, switch to comfy oversized sweaters. And nothing beats the feeling of over sized sweaters.

2. I can go to the pool and have personal space

The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to go to the pool because it's still warm enough to go swimming but everybody is back in school or work, and the pool is usually empty, or close to empty. I can spend hours in the pool if I so choose without worrying about burning or bumping into small children while I'm swimming around. I can also almost guarantee a tanning chair since almost nobody is at the pool.

3. Classes start again

Taking a break from classes over the summer is always extremely refreshing but by the end of summer,I'm always dying to go back to school because I have nothing to do. Since I grew up with strict parents and three siblings, it's nice to be able to get away from it all and have my own space to be myself. I love my family but spending three consecutive months with them is mentally exhausting and I always look forward to being in my own bubble again with something to keep me busy.

4. The feeling of festivities 

When the weather starts to cool and school starts once again, it marks the beginning of the best time of the year. Festivities with Halloween fast approaching fills the air and the excitement of Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas is almost palpable. Pumpkins, scarecrows, and Halloween decorations start popping up everywhere you look. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and haunted houses all add to the feelings of festivities this season brings and it never fails to make me smile.

5. Fall fashion

Who can forget fall fashion? It is perhaps the cutest season for fashion. Cozy sweaters, boots, flannel, all of the best of fashion makes an appearance during fall. I love being able to put away my shorts and bring out my high-waisted jeans and knee high boots to walk around a pumpkin patch for the perfect carving pumpkin. Fall brings the best trends back into season and I've yet to be disappointed by the fashions of the season.

6. Halloween

Hands down my favorite season, Halloween is such a big part of autumn that with the start of the season comes the start of Halloween preparations. Finding costumes and decorating the house was my favorite thing to do as a kid and has remained such even as I've grown. I just can't get enough of kids costumes and helping my little siblings get ready for trick-or-treating. All the candy is also a huge holiday plus.

7. The best weather

Autumn brings with it the best weather of the year. It's not too hot and not too cold, but perfect enough where you can wear pants and a cute crop top and feel comfortable outside. During mornings that are more chilly, you can throw on a cute sweatshirt over your top and still look cute. It also gets chilly enough to have an excuse to snuggle close to your babe and be extra affectionate without feeling like you're about to freeze.

8. The cutest dates

Nothing screams romance louder to me than picking and carving pumpkins together, or taking your date to a haunted house and clinging to them when you get scared. My best dates have been to corn mazes and haunted houses, as well as Ft. Benning's Oktoberfest. The atmosphere of autumn just oozes romance and there is no better time of year to fall in love.

9. Fallen leaves everywhere

If you're anything like me and still a child at heart, then there is no better feeling than crunching fallen leaves and jumping into leaf piles. Yes, I actually do that. The trees look beautiful as the leaves change colors and begin to fall but nothing feel's better than the first crunch of a dead leaf. Even my dog loves jumping in leaf piles and we usually play games together when I rake up a pile big enough for the both of us.

10. Horror movies galore

There is no season where horror movies are released more often than autumn, particularly around Halloween. As a person who doesn't watch many horror movies, there is no time of year where I want a horror binge than autumn. Plus, with all the new releases, it gives good date opportunities as well as new comedy movies if the story line and SFX is bad enough.