Warped Tour.

A bunch of emo kids listening to people scream random words on a stage.

A bunch of tattooed kids.

A bunch of kids smoking weed.

Mosh pits.


Bruises, and blood.

In all actuality, it's much more than a bunch of screaming. The lyrics for me, sink right into my soul. like Pierce The Veil's song, King For a Day, "The ones I think I love, will surely bring me pain."

Not all of the headliners are from alternative groups, there are rappers, such as Riff RAFF, and mainstream artists like Bebe Rexha (you might have heard of her, the song she did with G-Eazy, Me, Myself, and I.) Good Charlotte, Sum 41, and A Day To Remember.

Not all of us are Emo freaks, there are some of us, that seem normal on the outside, but are different on the inside, black and cold, and the arrangement of the songs make us become us.

Tattoos, people say they're trashy, unprofessional, and stupid to do because your body is going to warp them when you get old. You're right, they can be trashy. But for me, they represent me, make me who I am. It's art.

Smoking weed, yeah. Some people do that but don't let that discourage you from going to one of the most grossing music festivals in the country.

Mosh pits, ahh, good times. I recommend someone get in one, just one time. They're exhilarating, the rush of your heart beating fast, and your brain moving a million miles a minute, to avoid getting punched in the face, but pushing the heck out of the other people in the pit.

Sweat, it's a given if you're crammed in a pit with 100 other people in a small confined area.

And bruises and blood. The outcome of a successful mosh.

I recommend going to this tour and meet people you never thought you'd meet listening to the same music you do, even if you don't like all the music, it's a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone because everyone else is too.