Atlanta's Anticipation
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Atlanta's Anticipation

Donald Glover will be returning to our television screens, and it has been a much anticipated wait.

Atlanta's Anticipation

Donald Glover, better known by his stage name Childish Gambino, was previously a permanent cast member on NBC’s "Community" which was a sitcom focused on the antics of a study group at Greendale Community College. The show had a total of 6 seasons and the series’ last episode premiered in 2015. For those who were fans of the show, like myself, you know the true comedic talents of Donald Glover. You also knew that he was destined for greatness as an actor, but then the guy had to go and have a music career.

While I originally knew him as only Donald Glover, he did completely win me over with his album "Because the Internet." After the show’s finale, Glover turned to focus solely on his music career and began only donning the name, Childish Gambino. Although he was not a part of any show, there were several instances where Glover continued to own his acting chops. He starred in "Magic Mike XXL," "The Martian," "The Lazarus Effect," and even provided his voice for a couple episodes of Cartoon Network’s "Adventure Time." After some time away from television, Glover has returned as executive producer, writer, and the star of FX’s forthcoming series "Atlanta." The show premieres this Tuesday, September 6, and stars Glover as Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks, a highly motivated college-dropout trying to make it big in the music industry. In an interview, Glover explained how the now is the perfect time for him to create what he sees and to take the “opportunity to combine everything that is media right now.” One of Glover’s goals for the show was to create “real people in real situations.” The show’s theme is pretty relatable, in which one must learn to cope with continuous failure while striving for their ultimate goal.

The show also seems to mirror reality as it delves into Atlanta’s hip hop music scene which is has always and continues to boom. Atlanta being the native homestead of several veteran and upcoming music artist including Gucci Mane, Outkast, T.I., Young Thug, Future, 21 Savage, and K Camp just to name a few. With Atlanta not only being the black Mecca, to some it is a vital factor within hip hop culture. "Atlanta" looks promising and it's anticipated that Glover will achieve in focusing on the relatability and relevance of the show, especially in current times. In my personal opinion, I feel the show seems to be geared more toward the African-American community, but once it premieres it might end up being a show for all demographics.

I have been waiting for more Donald Glover magic, and the time has finally come. "Atlanta" premieres on Tuesday September 6, 2016 on FX, so make sure y’all set a reminder and get ready to be amazed.

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