The Sun Devils will mark their Spring Football Schedule as the earliest in program history by starting early February of 2019. From a fan's perspective, this is a great opportunity to give more time to get prospect players time to visit and committed players a head-start to get acclimated to the team. Additionally, the Sun Devils have three incoming freshman quarterbacks: Jayden Daniels and Joey Yellen, both four-star quarterbacks from California, and Ethan Long, hailing from Oregon with a three-star rating.

Besides looking for the best possible candidate for quarterback, after Senior Manny Wilkins finished his final football season with ASU, the rest of the current ASU commits consist of many 4- and 3-star ratings. I'd like to point out though that 3 Defensive Backs have signed with ASU, which is promising after the recent notification of Senior Joey Bryant planning on transferring primarily of his many injuries in the past.

I think Coach Edwards is being very strategic on this plan on starting practices early. He's eager to get started for next year and he said it himself, the goal every year is to win the Pac-12 Championship, so naturally, as a coach, he wants to prepare everyone for the season ahead. Additionally, getting a head-start on practicing and perfecting their elements gives them an edge over other Pac-12 teams, unless they follow suit, but there has been no discussion recently.

In all honesty, we should be excited for the next football season, but let's not make any hasty hypotheses on where ASU is going to be ranked and all that. It's way too early to even make any prediction about the team without observing them and watching them play in their spring game at the end of February. Bottom line, everyone should be excited for ASU football. It's Coach Edwards second season as a collegiate head coach, and I'm interested in seeing what he and the new recruits can bring to the table for the next season.