It's so much fun to check your crush's horoscope to see if you're on their horizon today.

You can waste a whole hour at lunch browsing Tumblr astrology pages to see what celebrity you should dress as for Halloween.

It makes so much sense why so many people today believe and trust in their zodiac sign - it's a part of life and can make you feel like part of a clique. We as humans crave to be accepted by others, which explains why astrology as a whole is rarely argued with. It's everywhere, BuzzFeed quizzes, horoscopes, apps like Co-Star, and of course, internet memes! Many people are so quick to believe in this personality defining categorization which can be detrimental to having a sense of unique identity. There is no proof that astrology is accurate, yet somehow millions of people in America rely on it as a coping mechanism or vital explanation of sorts. Today, the pot of horoscopes is boiling and it's time for me to stir it.

I polled approximately 108 people with a few yes or no questions. My main question was "Do you believe in your zodiac sign?" 56 percent said they did. This data is biased of course and very informal, but it gets the point across that a good amount of people in college do check their horoscope. A Time Magazine article entitled 'Where Do Zodiac Signs Come From? Here's the True History Behind Your Horoscope' revealed that zodiac signs date back to ancient Egypt in 330 B.C. This allows for thousands of years of tradition and culture-based astrology. It can also be an argument as to why zodiac signs are legitimate. Age, however, does not prove whether or not we should believe that astrology is accurate.

The "one size fits all" approach can't possibly be THAT accurate. To break down every single birthdate/month and assign characteristics seems like a bit of a reach, yet you still see people checking their daily horoscope and feeling its power reign over their day. What about accuracy? Just about anybody online can edit, post, or distribute any type of astrological information, much like a Wikipedia article. Many horoscopes say things like, "Someone in your life is struggling with health" or "you feel restless with a relationship in your workplace." It's so generic, yet us internet users may not doubt the credibility because we have leaned into the idea over the years that we fit into the mold that has been assigned to us. Psychologically speaking, it makes so much sense that young people who want to feel like they belong or are actually understood can turn to astrology as their advisor. The moment your psychic reading says you're going to have a great day financially but struggle socially and relationally, you will internalize that and look into each an every interaction you have and use that ambiguous information to explain it.

The habit of trusting a non-credible source with mapping out your day to day star alignments and how they will make you act in your world will make you lose ownership of your identity. It is better to have a crappy day and take responsibility for your actions than have a crappy day and blame it on being a "two-faced Gemini." You should take ownership of your characteristics because every single person on Earth is made uniquely independent. When you're out of touch with your identity and you don't feel like you can relate to anyone, it may feel comforting to know that many other people with your zodiac sign are going through the same thing as you. The truth is, you are battling through things with a perspective and a personality that nobody else has.

Your reality shouldn't have to be defined by some scam artist that writes generic statements that can be applied to a huge population. Human behaviors and feelings are unpredictable because every single day will affect us differently. It's time to stop putting ourselves into boxes. The complexities of humans cannot be explained by an iOS app that took eight seconds to install on your home screen. Our personalities shouldn't have to be based on how much we like kids or what we would spend one million dollars on, but instead use those simple traits to build a bigger picture of who we are as people.

At the end of the day, those BuzzFeed quizzes that tell you when you're getting married based on your zodiac sign and which fruits you pick really never meant anything from the beginning. It's OK to have fun and see how much you can relate to your horoscope! There comes a point where we have to realize that there are reasons why people believe in what they do, no questions asked. My idea that zodiac signs are a hoax isn't going to eliminate the newspaper horoscope writer's job. However, sometimes it's important to stay grounded with what you know you believe and why you believe it. It's fine to be carefree, and if the stars give you peace of mind, I won't be the one to stop you! Just try to consider this: astrology is a hoax. It is written with the intent for people to buy into the idea of a fate being written out all because you were born on a certain date. For every generic daily message awaiting you, there is a bored person writing for that has no credibility.