Being The Asshole Friend is hard

Being The Asshole Friend is hard

Friendship isn't always easy, but it's even harder when you know you're the asshole friend.


Every friendship is different, and it's important to know the boundaries within each friendship, but I usually start to notice that I'm almost always the asshole friend. If you relate to this, you probably know the feeling I'm talking about. I'm not saying that it's always worse to be this type of friend because it does have perks, but as the asshole friend, you know right off the bat that some type of people can't handle this friendship.

Being the asshole friend is hard. Having to monitor your sensitivity, or lack thereof, or even force yourself to fake being more sensitive can be exhausting. If you're being an idiot and texting your ex-boyfriend all the time, I won't be the one to tell you it's okay. I'll be the one to tell you that you're being an idiot and to move on. Tough love, baby.

As I previously said, when you know you're the asshole friend, you also have to know that some friendships won't last because of it. Now this usually goes back to the sensitivity thing, but sometimes it's because of other issues such as other people's opinions, not fitting in, or even feeling different themselves. You ever hang out with an asshole and realize you're becoming an asshole, too? That's not for everyone.

Some friendships don't last because their other friends don't like you. As the common friend, it's hard to keep every friend happy when the only thing they have in common is you. Sometimes you won't make the cut, and that's hard. But it's not the end of the world, and as the asshole friend, you probably know this.

Personally, the thing I've found that causes the most problems other than sensitivity would definitely be the sense of humor, which I guess goes hand-in-hand with sensitivity. It was a real shocker to find out not everyone wants to hear your demented jokes, and it was incredibly hard learning to not laugh at super messed up stuff I would hear. Asshole friends are the funniest friends, and I'm tired of my sensitive friends not being okay with that! Just kidding. Kind of.

Realizing a joke isn't going to go over well is probably one of my favorite things though. You know when you start to say something funny, but in a really dry, sarcastic tone, and you just know you didn't read the room right and no one is about to laugh? That's actually one of my favorite things. It's almost funnier when you're still going strong with this joke, and you can just see the confused faces around you while you're still confidently saying something that probably should've stayed in your head.

Jokes that don't go well with your sensitive friends are even better content for your other asshole friends. Not only will the joke go over well, but the story about how you completely made a fool of yourself while previously telling the joke will be even funnier than the original joke itself.

While being the asshole friend isn't always easy, it does have certain perks. For example, you always have your friends' backs. Not everyone can stand up for themselves, but we can stand up for you. Another perk is that you won't ever have to worry about if we are lying. We don't lie because we don't care to. Why do something if you can't be honest about it? Even if it might hurt your feelings, I'll still tell you the truth.

The asshole friend is also usually very accepting. You want to get wild? Go for it. You want to sit in your car and cry? Go for it. We're used to being judged more than others, so we won't judge you for doing whatever you need to do to be happy.

Learning to monitor yourself isn't always easy, and it definitely isn't always worth it. If you're finding that you constantly can't be yourself around someone, drop them. No matter what kind of friend you are, you always have to do what's best for you and your happiness.

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If You Want To Make New Friends, Anime Might Just Be The Answer

Anime has really helped me gain the skills that I need to make friends.


When I was a child, I could barely get friends and I don't think that I have socialized very well with others. From that day on, I was pretty bored and a little sad that I didn't have real friends. Then, one day I started watching my first anime, "Inuyasha." It was a wonderful anime that stuck with me like a friend. It was a good show to watch together with my sisters. Later, I got passionate about anime because of the complexity of its stories and the vast amount of characters. When I watched an episode and episode, it felt like it was a new adventure every day and that the characters from the show are like my friends.

From then on, I also started to have a growing interest in drawing anime and read lots of things about anime. Then, anime got me very curious and more aware of new things. I also got more motivated to do better in my studies because of the anime. Therefore, my knowledge expands more and more. Anime also helped me think creatively on storytelling and art.

During the 9th grade, I started my first time in Honor classes. At first, I was a little shy. Then, one day in class, I heard a group of students in a corner talking about something familiar. When I closely paid attention to what they were talking about, they were talking about famous anime show titles. I got very excited, but I also wanted to have friends. So I took the courage that I got from my anime, go to them, and ask them, "Are you guys talking about anime?"

They looked up and stared at me. I felt my face was sweating a little. Then, they smiled and said, "yes we are! Do you watch anime?" Happily, I nodded and said, "Yes, have you guys heard an anime called "Inuyasha"? That's my favorite!" Their smiles become wider and yelled out, "YES! That was an awesome anime!" From then on, we started talking about "Inuyasha" and then later I was able to interact more with people. Honestly, anime has deeply influenced me to be myself and that liking anime is nothing to be ashamed of. Anime has really helped me gain the skills that I need to make friends. Therefore, I am happy to say that anime really help me get a start to gain friends.

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To The Dad That Deserves Endless Thank Yous

Thank you for making me strive to be the best version of myself that I can.


Your parents are supposed to be the people that are your role models and help you become successful in life. For me, my dad is one of my biggest supporters, and would give up anything for me to be the best that I can be. He's hard on me and a bit overprotective, but that's only because he doesn't want to see me get hurt. He wants me to go far in life so I can "take care of him in his old age." He does the most for me and I never truly appreciated it until now. Dad, this is a thank you to you.

Thank you for never letting me give up on something when it becomes too hard. I'll complain and maybe have a breakdown or two when something becomes too difficult that I feel the need to quit. You are always there to make sure I keep on pushing through and reminding me that I can do anything that I set my mind to. You always remind me that my past is not my future, and making something of myself will help me out in the long run.

Thank you for providing me with everything I need and more. You sacrifice things for yourself to make sure I get everything I need and the occasional things I want. You're always there to help me experience new things whether it's financial help or not, and I can't thank you enough for putting me first when you should be putting yourself first. I will always be grateful for your endless support. I can't wait to repay you one day for everything that you gave up just for me to have a good life.

Lastly, thank you for being the dad I've always needed. You are truly the better parent, and I will never be able to thank you enough for always looking out for me and helping realize what is best. I know I don't say it enough, so here it is. Thank you for being the best dad someone could ever ask for.

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