As many of you may have heard, Danny Worsnop has returned to "Asking Alexandria" after leaving in January of 2015. I don’t think I was alone on this one, but when I heard Worsnop was returning to AA, I was shocked! The first question that popped into my head was,” What about Denis!?” But that’s a question I’ll answer at the end of this article.

Let’s admit it, AA’s first album, "Stand Up and Scream" was awesome. All the “hardcore” kids were listening to it. Songs like "The Final Episode", "Not the American Average", and "The Prophecy" are anthems that everyone in the scene just knew and loved. From the heavy breakdowns to the insane screams and the catchy choruses, these songs just made an impact. Then we got "Reckless and Relentless", which was just another "Stand Up and Scream" with the intense breakdowns and screams. Then we jumped to "From Death to Destiny", which had a little bit of a sound change for the band, and I’ll admit, that’s when I lost interest in the band. Just from that album, you could tell that "Asking Alexandria" just was not the same anymore.

Then the band "We Are Harlot" came out with their lead singer, Danny Worsnop. The first question that came to my head at that time, was, “What about Asking Alexandria?” We didn’t really know for a couple days until January 2015 when Worsnop released an official statement via twitter saying, “I would like to let you know that Asking Alexandria and I are moving forward in separate ways.” So there it was, quite a surprise to some. Then we got a response from "Asking Alexandria" stating, “It’s with heavy heart that I must announce, yet I am sure comes as no surprise to you all, that Danny Ha decided to leave Asking Alexandria to pursue other musical interests.” So there we had it.

"Asking Alexandria" then continued their course as a band and picked up the former lead singer of the band "Make Me Famous", Denis Shaforostov, and recorded an album and proceeded to tour. Then they released an album with their new singer, The Black, which brought back that original sound we all missed. Then AA announced their tour, 10 years in The Black, celebrating 10 years as a band. Then this last week we heard some unexpected news; Danny Worsnop reunites with "Asking Alexandria". Seems like the band members were able to bury the hatchet and come to an agreement with their “musical interests”.

So with Danny back in and Denis out it seems that Asking Alexandria is ready to continue where they left off. Although the tour was announced when Denis was still in the band, now Danny is there to take his place. Now let’s just hope that we don’t get any more spontaneous moves from "Asking Alexandria" for awhile.

As for Denis, looks like he wasn’t responding to any emails from AAs members, Denis has been known to have pulled a similar stunt back when "Make Me Famous" was a band and before their breakup when he demanded, “millions of dollars” from the band members. So as sad as it was to see Denis leave the band, it is exciting to start with original singer Danny Worsnop. Good luck to you "Asking Alexandria".