I Asked Adults For Life Advice, And Their Responses Were Inspiring.

I Asked Adults For Life Advice, And Their Responses Were Inspiring.

Because we all need some words of wisdom.

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Growing up, we lean on those around us. We form relationships with individuals that grow to mean a great deal to us as time goes on. When life gets tricky, we ask these trustworthy companions for some help. We ask for their words of wisdom in order to guide us in the right direction. I talked to the wisest adults in my life and asked them to share a few pieces of advice they believe everyone should know.

1. Live within your means but always know that you can have what you want if you work hard enough for it.

2. When it comes to religion, ask yourself this question: “What do I believe and why do I believe it?”, figure your beliefs out for yourself and leave everyone else and their opinions out of it.

3. I feel that honesty and kindness are the keys to a healthy relationship. Being a good listener, having a voice, and being heard is essential. Realize that you are an important person and deserve to be treated with love and respect. Know that happiness comes from within and not from another person, yes, relationships can add to our lives but they can not fulfill us. Understanding and empathy towards one another are a MUST have in a relationship

4. Always use sunscreen.

5. To achieve big things you must take many small steps.

6. When something makes you feel bad do less of it and when something makes you feel good do more of it.

7. Don't assume.

8. Be patient but persistent.

9. To get you have to give.

10. Always be your best.

11. Nothing is ever beneath you.

12. Do what is right not what is easy.

13. Don't take yourself too seriously, have fun.

14. Don't be afraid to look stupid and be able to laugh at yourself.

15. Admit when you don't know something.

16. Plan ahead but don't focus only on the future. Stay in the day you have and spread as much love as you can.

17. Every day is a gift so live in this day, don't waste it worried about tomorrow.

18. If you’re angry,wait until that feeling settles before you open your mouth, things said in anger can leave some pretty ugly scars that can't always be undone.

19. Listen to each other and know it's ok to disagree.

20. You have to love yourself and who you are before you can really love someone else.

21. Pay yourself first, put money in long-term savings and some in short-term savings, pay your bills and with what's left treat yourself.

22. Try not to live paycheck to paycheck. Put 100 in savings the beginning of every month regardless if it makes you a little short.You will always have enough and then some. You will find that you don't miss it. Out of sight out of mind. Commit to not touching that money, you work hard for your money so have something to show for it.

23. Let your heart guide your head in tough decisions.

24. Always shoot for the moon- even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

25. Never jeopardize or alter your true self for the approval of someone else.

26. A smile can change the world.

27. Travel is worth the cost. Always look to broaden your horizons and learn from new experiences.

28. Be the person you want to come home to.

29. When under extreme pressure or distress, focus only on what you know, do not torture yourself trying to manage what you do not know.

30. When you are out of time and trying to beat the clock – STOP and make every move count.

31. Never put anything in writing that you don’t want the whole world to know.

32. Always tell the truth no matter how much it may hurt.

33. Do what makes you happy not everyone else.

34. You only live once so don’t be afraid to be brave.

35. If you can’t trust your partner then do not bother wasting your time with them.

36. Never stop developing your character.

37. Be kind, you never know what a person could be going through.

38. Find a career that makes you happy. Stressful jobs result in a hostile home life.

39. When you have children do not take those 18 years for granted, they go by fast.

40. Take pictures.

41. Don’t be with someone for the sake of just having a partner, be with someone that you actually see a future with.

42. Get rid of the poisonous people in your life, their negative energy is not needed.

43. It is better to have a few loyal friends than a bunch of unloyal acquaintances.

44. Appreciate the small things, they add up to a lot in the end.

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